My First Time Traveling Abroad

Five years ago, I had a chance to go to the United States of America because I got a scholarship to study there for one year.

It was my first time flying aboard and also the first time traveling alone by airplane. I thought it would be fun to experience some new environments and meet new people. Moreover, I was more excited because I had to stop-over at Japan, which is my dream country. However, I was still nervous because I had to travel for over 8,000 miles away from Thailand by myself, and I feared of getting lost. “Safe flight, Sweetie,” my parents said while their arms were wrapping around my body. My eyes were filled with tears, but I did not let it pour out because I did not want my parents to be worried. I missed them already, and I knew that they would miss me, too.

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After the flight attendant called for boarding, I said a farewell to my parents and then walked to the gate. I walked confusingly to the metal detector and carry-on luggage x-ray. “Beep Beep” the metal detector rang after I walked passed, so I had to be checked individually by the custom official.

I was so nervous.“You can go but don’t forget to take off your metal watch next time.” the officer said. So I said “Thank you”, got my pink luggage, and then ran to the gate. It was my fault that I was too excited to read directions.

After five hours flight, I arrived Narita International airport. This airport is double size of Suvarnabumi, I think. I hastily walked through a transit area to the gate of my next flight. As I was walking, my eyes were interfered by a shop. This shop was decorated by pink Hello kitty stuff such as Hello Kitty Jelly and Hello Kitty water bottle. I unconsciously walked to the shop and bought a pack of jelly. “Awww how cute!” I continuously said while I was walking in the shop.

It was like I was enchanted by the shop. The time passed I looked at my watch, and it was 30 minutes before the departure time. I ran to cash a…