My Goals to Succeed in College

My goals now is passing College Algebra class, getting high GAP each semester, and getting a college degree at the end. My first short-term goal is passing College Algebra class. I am not good at math since I was a child, so I have to study hard and get over it right now. I didn’t get a good grade on the last two tests. I’m afraid I can’t pass this class. For not failing College Algebra, have decided that would go to learning center regularly, or going to the math teacher’s office to find help for the math problems, and I also can ask my classmates ho are good at math for reviewing the test.

If I can’t get over the math, then can’t move bombard to higher level classes to my major Computer Science. My second short-term goal is getting high GAP per semester as possible as I can. I would like to get 3. 0 and over GAP per semester. The one reason is I understand that GAP is so important for determined how studies’ effort are in college by company. If I want to find a good job after graduate, having a great GAP on my Transcripts would be necessary.

Another important reason for avian a high GAP is in order to transfer to University of Minnesota in Twin City after graduate from college. Would like to get a four-year degree for Computer Science at CA of M. For achieving that goal, have to be hard working in classes. Attending every classes is necessary. Turning in every homework on time. Studying for every tests and get a great score on them. Preview textbook if the teacher is going to teach that charter next class. All are the basic steps for achieving that goal.

My result will be show at the end f semester after final exam, then can check my grade on DEL. As a result, I will know if I have achieve that goal or not at that time. My long term goal is getting a college degree. This is a very difficult target for me. There are a very large amount of homework per week. I don’t even have time to study math right now. The first thing have to learn for overcome this problem is time management. I spent a lot of time for unimportant things, such as playing video games, surfing the Internet, and watching TV.

I have to quit the bad baits. Those activities make me difficult to concentrate on studying. Next, I need to find some quiet place to study to prevent disturbed, such as library. I have two dogs are living with me and my wife in apartment. Sometime they are very noisy to me. Finally, I’m joining the Student Support Services program at REACT. There are so many services that can use, such as peer tutoring and mentoring, academic assistance, and Math, reading, writing skills. Those services can make me success for achieving my long-term goal.

For achieving those goals, I must be act with great courage and determination to succeed. I’ve never been living and learning in an English speaking environment before moved to America. I felt lost and had no sense of direction in an unfamiliar environment in the beginning. However, have goals and want to achieve them with a step-by-step approach. After this semester, I will find my academic advisor to talk about how my short goals are going. Then will make some new short term goals to make me move forward next semester.