My Hispanic Hertiage

My Hispanic heritage has played a huge role in my lifestyle. I grew up in Laredo, Texas a city where Hispanics are the majority. My fellow teachers have always advised me to get out of Laredo and experience the real world.

Coming from a town where Hispanics are all you see has led to me being proud of my heritage. Our people had come from a history of hardworking people coming to America to live the “American dream. ” And that Is what my mother exactly did coming from Honduras, a small poor country in Central America, has achieve the life of success.Even though he has to put in long hours and dedication, she always told me with a wise smile, “It’s better to work then to no work at all. ” In the early years of my childhood my mother had been only in the states for only couple of years. Consequently, when my mother was entering the United States she had lost one of her shins, and for a short time was disable until, she finally got help from a friend who contacted her doctor and donated a prosthetic leg.Even through trouble times my mother never let nothing get to her, so right away she got up and found her first Job at a local restaurant that didn’t require any social security or to peak the English language, yet in effect It didn’t pay so well. Thereupon, our lives wasn’t Like an average Joe.

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Our home was a size of shoe box only four walls, one large bed, a sink, toilet, and a small gas stove all In one room, yet my mother never shed light how small our home was but how bless we are so we all stayed faithful.When it was time for school my mother couldn’t always afford us to buy us new clothes, so we went shopping at the flea market or garage sales. As the school year ended families were heading to summer vacation and going out of town. Unfortunately since our uncial standing we never had the chance to pleasure summer vacation. However, I didn’t mind not having an average summer vacation, because my version of summer was staying back with my mother listening of stories of her childhood of her home country or learning how to cook Honduras cuisine, because food is one of the ways to embrace your culture.

Nevertheless, living In a city where the Spanish language Is mostly spoken It was hard for my mother to pick up and learn the English language. Therefore, my childhood and teen years where was I slowly taught her the basic English language and never thought it would change her way of life. All these little things my mother lecture me has made me appreciate my Hispanic heritage. Moreover, years went by my mother finally got enough money to hire someone to help her get an employment authorization card, so she can be able to work legally in the United States.

Significantly, everything change my mother got a stable Job, and financially we were doing okay. After couple of years my mother had receive her Job we moved into a beautiful home that had more then Just one room, and finally life was excelling for us. I decided to study out of Laredo to live somewhere Hispanics are he minority to represent my roots,values, and language of being Hispanic. Ultimately, being Hispanic means embracing the past and the present and honoring where we came from and that’s what It’s all about.

Looking back now and seeing how much my family has achieve and overcome has been truly a blessing living the American Dream. In addition, our balancing standing didn’t affect our well Dealing, we saw It more Like advantage teen a Lastingness, odometer It was tile Tort us to come together and appreciate what we have. Being Hispanic is something that will always be part of me and it always be my sixth sense.