My identity

My Identity; the Influence that people have in my Life Everyone has identity; not matter how he/she looks, not matter what he/she does and not matter how old he/she Is. The problem about Identity Is that not many people do not know how to Identify themselves as. Many people try to Identify as persons that they are not, or many get their Identity from the Influence that people have on them.

For example, my friend Anthony is a great example of a person identifying himself as someone that he is not and people influencing his identity.I remember he would identify himself as a moral and honest kid, but truly he was one of the biggest liars and robbers that I ever met. One time I caught him stealing school supplies from his chemistry teacher. Another time, I caught him lying to my English teacher that he wasn’t able to do his homework, because his grandma was really sick; when I visit him supposedly to do homework, he Just didn’t want do it, and his grandma was completely fine. Anthony acted this way because of the influences that his family had him; his mom would always lie to him about everything, and everyday he would see is dad stealing stuff and taking it home.The Influence that Anthony parents had on him, made him what he Is now.

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For me, my dad, my pastor Lemurs, and youth leader Byron play a big role In Influencing the person that I am today. To begin with, my dad has Influenced my Identity in several ways. First, my dad taught me value of hard work. For instance, every day he wakes up at 4:00 am, and he comes back at 6:00 pm. Even though, he is a single parent, he manages himself to pay rent, bills and buy what my sisters and I need. Even though he has two jobs, he stills gets home to cook, and clean the house.

Watching my dad work hard; it pushes me to work hard in school, in my Job and in my house whenever I can. Second, my dad has also taught me that actions counts more than words when it comes to show love. For example, when my mom abandoned my sisters and I in Maryland, my dad showed my sisters and I how much he love us; first, he didn’t have enough money to get three plane tickets and to rent an apartment in a month, even though he didn’t have those things for the love that he has for my sisters and l, he got those things and brought my sisters and I back to California to live with him.

As a result of that, now when I want to show someone how much I care and love that person: I do actions because actions counts more than words, when it comes to show love. Third, my dad has influenced my identity by how to have compassion for others. For example, approximately one year ago, my dad found this homeless little dog wandering in the streets, I remembered that he brought the little dog to my house, and I asked him why he brought a homeless dog to the house.I remembered that the only thing that he told me was that he felt sorry for the little creature, and that if he was that little dog; he loud want someone to have compassion on him to feed him and take care of him. Since that day that I saw the compassion that my dad has for every living thing, Now every time I see homeless people , or even homeless animals; I show my compassion towards them by always giving them food and giving them money every time I can.In addition, this how my dad has shaped my Identity since I was little to the young adult that I am now by teaching me values of Love, compassion and hard work.

Next, another person won Incenses my Identity Day Nils values Is my pastor Lemurs. My pastor taught me the value of wisdom or being wise. For instance, recently at my church “God is love”; two members were arguing for a fatuous reason. The two members called the pastor, so that he could calmed the calamity that was going on. After the pastor thought for a while; he Just grabbed the two members to his office, and after five minutes they came all calmed.

I asked my pastor how he did and he told me, ” You Just have to be wise, when you speak, before making a decision or action because If you are wise in those things, life is going to be easy for you”. Watching how the pastor uses the value of wisdom in his everyday life shapes my identity, because now whenever I get involved in an argument, I act wise and end it first. Also, whenever I get into a life situation, I use my wisdom to make my life easier. Next, the pastor has shape my identity by teaching me what it is to have faith.

For instance, about eight years ago, my pastor decided that he wanted a bigger church than one we currently have. He wanted to reconstruct the whole building and make it bigger, but he needed to get permission from the city of Allendale to be able to do it. I remembered that he put everything in God’s hands, and when he went to ask for remission they told him no.

My pastor never took his faith away from God, everyday he would always say that God will say yes for the reconstruction, but when he wants no when we want.Recently on December 31 ,2013 after 8 years of prayers and never stop believing, the city of Allendale said yes to the reconstruction, and now we Just waiting to get money. We are going to start reconstructing in January 2015. Therefore, watching how faithful my pastor is it shapes my identity, because now when I am going through some things that seem impossible; I put my faith in God and even Hough I don’t see an answer; I don’t stop believing, because I know he will do it whenever he wants not when I want. As a result, this how also my pastor has shape the person that I am today and I have been.Finally, other person who has influenced my identity in many ways is my youth leader Byron.

First, he taught me what it takes to be responsible. Byron is a great example of what it takes to be responsible because he is always on time meaning that he is never late for all the services that we have in my church. He never misses a service, even though, he doesn’t have anything important to do on church that day. Also, when someone asks him to do something, for instance for Saturday he always do it right on time. Byron has taught me to be a responsible person; I do not use it Just for church but also in my everyday life.Furthermore, Byron has taught me the value of leadership. One year ago, he asked me to be his assistant.

I am glad that I said yes because this has taught me how to be a great leader not only Just at church but also in clubs, and group work or projects at school. For example, I was President, Vice President Secretary, Treasurer and Historian for ten different clubs at my high school, and I got those positions cause Byron would tell me that a great leader needs to be responsible and be able to have authority among others.Also, when it comes to group project I like to be leader because I know how to manage to get things faster, and I became that because Byron taught me that a leader needs to be organize and has to be able to manage time.

In addition, this is how Byron has shape my identity by teaching me responsibility and leadership that I can not only use at church but in my everyday life. In short, my dad, my pastor and my youth leader Byron play a significant role napping my Identity Horst, my AAA Walt n ten Nora work Tanat en emphasizes everyday pushes me and makes me a hard working person in everything that I do.Also, my dad’s value of love and compassion has made a person who truly cares about others, and show affection by actions. Second, My pastor use of wisdom and faith; it has taught to be and act wise, when I get into a argument I think before I speak, or I Just calm myself and ignore. Also, it has taught me to be a faithful person, meaning that not matter what I am going through, and I don’t see an answer to never stop leveling in God doing something in my life.

Thirdly, Byron being responsible in everything that he does and being his assistant has not only taught me to be responsible at church, but with everything that I do. Also, Byron teaching how to be leader in helping him with everything that he does has taught me how to become a leader, not only at church but in my life outside church. Therefore, people can influence to become a person that you are today or to become someone that you do not want to be later on life, its up to you who do you want to look up and how you want to be identify in this world.