My Journal on Being Poor

Finally, the sun was setting.Perhaps the night sky had become intoxicated by the sun, which would explain why it remained flushed after the fading of the rosy sunset. It was a gorgeous picture for me to enjoy, but I was only grateful to the long day finally end instead of watching the scene. It has been five dayssince I decided to walk the poor’s shoes and tried to be one of them. Everyday for me was hard and different. Although my family is not wealthy and splendor, but I’m really sitting pretty with my parent’s support so that I don’t have to worry about my life. I can get pretty dress and expensive makeup without considering how hard to get it; I can eat outside everyday without worrying how much I will pay. I lived in the tower of ivory which my parents build for me,althoughI realized the value of money and the difficulty of earning it, I still never had an intuitive feeling about it until I did the immersion journalism experiment.

From my perspective, nothing is more difficult than create a harsh limitation on spending money daily. It’s a fivedays long experiment and I planned to spend less than five dollars a day and uncover how a little change could alter my life.Day 1, Mon.

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There’s a brand new day and the first day of the week, I’m gonna implement my great plan today, how exciting it is! The morning is as usual as before, except that I’m unableto spend two dollars for a coca, that’s almost half of my daily living expenses. I try to hold back my green eye from my friend’s glass bottle so that I won’t look so yearning. “ Why you give me that look? Do you want it? ” He seems suspicious and finds out there must be something happens on me. He added. “ If you want, I can buy it for you.

” “ No, thank you. I only drink hot water in cafeteria now. ” There is not that much kind people in the world will buy a coca for you, so I can’t take it . He seems so surprise and I make an eye movement of .