My Life in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon

Have you ever thought about the great person you’ve become even when you’ve been through the worst stages of life? Sometimes as a human we have problems or occasions that are difficult to overcome, and most of the times we tent to change our thinking or acting aspect. In my case the obstacle that completely changed my life was when my parents decided to migrate to the United Sates. Even though Mexico is like no other, I am thankful to have the opportunity to live in America because in Mexico is not that easy to have a stable life however in America is easier to become a more successful person. In the past, I remember my childhood in Monterrey, Nuevo Leon was nothing out of this world.

I would play outside with my cousins, since we all lived in the same street. I remember that my cousins and I would always be playing outside barefoot, we would run through all the alleys. Nothing would scare us we felt like our neighborhood knew us, nobody or nothing would stop us from playing. As a little girl I did not realize the difficulties that my parents were going through.

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Once I started paying attention I noticed that in the table we only had beans, bread and tortillas. I also realized that my parents wanted to save as much as they could, they didn’t want to spend electricity, gas or water. Our clothes and shoes where loosing color even ripping off, my dad couldn’t take it anymore and a decision or action needs to be taken. Thankfully that’s when my dad decided to put in the application for the green card and become a United States resident. After waiting for a long time we were ready for a new beginning, the government has accepted our applications and gave us the opportunity to become resident of the united stated. It still kind of sad to know that we are hundreds of miles away from our family but at the end, we are better here than in Mexico. As we drove closer and closer to Houston, Texas we felt like we had done such a good job pu.