My mind, wondering about the human nature, the

My younger self never knew much of the world. However, the world was wasn’t a total stranger because I was a part of it and that was the only thing I understood. I was clueless about the things happening around the world. I was clueless that people were suffering from mental health.

I was clueless about racism and all the other controversial topics widely discussed by everyone around the globe. All I knew was that the children in Africa are starving because I didn’t finish my food. “Think outside the box”, they said. But then again, I never knew a box existed. I just did what I was told to do.

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So to me, life was just another cycle where you go to school, get an education, graduate, get a job, retire then die. That was the interpretation of life in my younger self’s eyes. But as I grew, I started to wonder.

My thoughts reached out to the corners of my mind, wondering about the human nature, the world, the entire universe, everything. I’d often find myself sitting in front of a mirror in the dark, not waiting for the bloody mary to appear but thinking about my existence. Am I here just to study so I can get a job and earn money? You see, our lives revolve around money much so we are paying to stay alive.

 Thousands of centuries ago where humans still live in caves and up the trees, their objective was simple and that was to stay alive. They thrive on food and water provided by nature. They take a spear and stab the rivers in hopes that they’ll get food instead of their own foot. They make weapons to protect themselves so they wouldn’t get ripped apart by that prehistoric crocodile that has been sitting in the river stalking the daylights out of them. It was simple back then. Fast forward thousands of centuries, you can’t just take whatever mother nature provides because rules and regulations exist.

Even if you try to take the water from the rivers, let me tell you – half of them are polluted and the other half aren’t even there anymore. This world has been moulded and shaped into this nightmare where money controls us. Everything you do, if it wasn’t about the passion, it was the money. The mastermind behind all those crimes committed. Robbers and thieves.

  Growing up, adults ask us the one most annoying question that burns our ears every single time. “What do you want to be when you grow up?” I absolutely abhor this question to the next dimension and back. If you have visited Barbie’s website, on one of the pages it would read, “You can be a mermaid.

You can be an astronaut. You can be a pilot. You can be anything! ” and I agree, you can. But if you went home and told your parents that you want to be a mermaid, I can’t assure your safety. But let me give you this simple advice – if you love it, do it. A British Philosopher, Alan Watts who is a person I look up to once said: “If you say that getting the money is the most important thing, you will spend your lives completely wasting your time.

You’ll be doing things you don’t like in order to go on living, that is to go on doing things you don’t like doing.”