My own writing style

Ever since I started taking on-line courses to continue my education, have had to write multiple essays on many topics. Because of this I have developed my own style of approaching the task. That I believe works best for me. When I first get presented with a topic I try to find two to three questions on the topic that I am required to write about, then expand on the answers. Most of the time this is quite easy because most instructors tend to let you know what they are looking for in there instructions. I follow this with taking these questions and putting then on paper in a question and answer type aroma.

I use simple one-line answers to get me started. I proceed to putting these questions on paper, which helps me begin my draft. I’m then able to move around or cross out ideas and begin to expand on them. Finally I take my draft and begin to type it up. I know that will need to have an opening in the beginning giving an introduction about what I will be talking about, then the body to expand on everything which call the meat, and finally the closing which is my summary or conclusion. This is where the magic happens because I start to write, re-write, add, and subtract words or whole sentences.

This is where it all comes together. Also in this final part of the essay is where check for spelling and grammar. I try to keep my essay or any type of writing as short and accurate as possible because believe that what makes a good essay is presenting your facts and ideas quickly and accurately. When writing seems to drag on seem to loose interest quickly and just skim over the parts. So in summary I have found that my style of writing out on paper and then drafting and correcting works best for me.