My Personal Beliefs and MBA Study

Over 35 years ago, I was born in the Hakka family (a group of people who lived in south China for over 2000 years) and I was raised following the belief “pain does not necessarily bring gain, but no pain, no gain.” The belief was handed down from every Hakka in my bloodline. As a result, I inherited the qualities of the Hakka people, being frugal, hard-working, eager to study, and determined. Since kindergarten, I tried my best to get into the best schools I could reach. That was the way I did get rid of poverty in my life.

All of my days, I was enrolled at the best primary school, secondary school, and I went to the best university within my ability. My whole childhood and youth were spent on working hard. It took me more than 20 years to win a personal-development platform that was easy to obtain for other students who were born rich. I felt proud of myself. My down-to-earth experience gave me enormous confidence. Back at my university, I had to work part-time to support my living expenses.

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By the end of my first year, I did not have enough money to travel home during summer break. Therefore, I stayed and asked stores one by one in a nearby computer mall to find a part-time job. Without work experience, I was refused many times until a Teochew boss accepted me to help with some handy jobs. We agreed upon a very low salary, but I didn’t mind and I took my initiative to do more jobs than required. I finally won the trust of my co-workers and boss, and we got along well. Sometimes, they even took me home to have supper. Before I returned to school after two months, my boss kindly paid me a higher salary than we agreed upon and told me that I earned it.

Moreover, he helped me to assemble a computer at a cheaper price. Luckily, after two months work, I became the first student to own a computer in my class-especially with my own money. This episode has been carefully kept in my memory ever since. It brought me respect from my fell…