My Real First Love

To exacerbate my problem of not ever having any free time, my Mother is a very strict, insipid ,and intentions lady, she us objurgates my entire family. She knows that I want to quit cheerleaders and drop my AP English class down to an honors class, but it is going to take my Mother a lot more than just wanting to hangout with friends for her to let me do that. Sins e I cannot even hang out with my friends boys were totally out of the picture for me, eve n though I’ve had my eye on a junior who’s name is Jake.

He plays basketball and when am heading into gymnastics practice we both say hello and keep going our own w says, until one day we are both at my cousins sweet sixteen party who also happens to b a good friend of Jakes. Arrive at the party with my best friends Alyssa, Hanna, and Kara who are my age and tend to be very bombastic and garrulous at times, but can also be very erudite Right when walk in the door my eyes go straight to the back corner of the bal Room where see Jake and his friends having a conversation, my heart immediately sank to my stomach and I was engulfed with joy when I saw he was there.

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About half way through the party Jake walked up to me and asked if would like to dance wit h him, seeming a little to excited, I yelled, “of course! ” We began dancing and starting talking bout sports and school just a normal conversation, but then he asked me the at if after the party I would come with him to get some ice cream at this new frozen yoga rut place called Fro.

Of course I said yes, and then ran over to tell my friends what ha d just happened, they were so excited for me but then began to question rather I h ad time for a special someone in my life or not. When Jake and I were on our way to Fro, conversation was just so easy with him and we hit it off right from the start. Jake bayed for my frozen Yogurt and was the sweetest boy have ever met and everything just felt so real. When we got baa KC in his car I was dreading going home to my strict Mother, I was having so much fun and we re connected.

When told him about how I never had time to hangout with friend ads or do very many things because I was so busy Jake turned to me and said, ” Kate I d o not care if you don’t have much time to hangout but like you a lot, and I will find time for me to be in your life, your aesthetic features and intellectual personality’ make you so lovable. ” When Jake came out and said this to me knew that had made the right decision and that he was worth It. Every boy that came up to me I now repudiated cause of how head over heels in love with him I was.

Whenever I saw him t he hairs on the back of my neck would stand up out of excitement and he always mad e me smile when I was with him. Even when I was not with him his presence was always o n my mind. I have never had stronger emotions toward someone in my entire life. Jake and began doing everything we could together, hanging out after practices, studying together, coming to catheters games and meets fully sup porting catheter and we were there for catheter through the arduous times in our lives. We became the couple that everyone looked up to and wanted a relationship just eke.

Our love for catheter was prodigious , and I thought it would never fade. But, when the school year was over Jake still had his senior year Of high school left and I was going to be traveling to Florida State University to go to college and start the rest of my life. MY Mother persuaded me to break up with Jake so that I could focus on my studs sees and not worry about missing him to much, so I let the love of my life go. We were both crushed and when I went off to college just missed him even more could not concern treat at all.

It got so bad that two of my professors suggested get study help and the y set me p with a study group I needed to go to every Monday, Wednesday and Suns ay. After a few weeks this group helped me get my mind off of Jake and more focused o n college, my main priorities. I began acing tests again and thriving in my school work. Then one Wednesday I arrived at my study group as normal but that day there was a new face there, his name was Ryan and he was very tall with Brown ha r, brown eyes, and freckles.

Ryan was very attractive and amicable , he even seemed to take a liking to me, every time our group would get together for the next week he w loud sit by me and we would talk and help catheter out. But then we began to do more than just study together, we would go to lunch together, meet up with each other to WA movies, and a couple weeks later he asked me if I would want to be his girlfriend ND. I said yes because I thought that we had something special and really did like him a lot. We hung out everyday and did absolutely everything we could together.

When Chi resists time rolled around we both decided it was time to introduce each other to o r families. He came home with me for Christmas break for four days and then we drove to Erie where Ryan’s parents lived which was three and a half hours away from my FAA ill in Alton. We both had a fantastic time with each others families and when we got back to college Ryan started to act very weird toward me, almost like he was sick Of me. He ignored my texts and canceled our plans many times to do things that I knew were spurious .

I just grew angrier and angrier at him and finally I blew up, good thing I am n to pugnacious because I was so mad I might have beaten him up. I decided that I was going to go over to Ryan’s dorm immediately and find out what has been going g on lately. I had one of my friends at the dorm let me in and as soon as walk in t he airway I see Ryan and this girl Muar, who is in his Chemistry class, watching g t-v with his arm around her. Immediately run out of the dorm crying and Ryan come s running after me. He told me the usual, ” Babe nothing is going on promise, she is jus TA friend. I knew Ryan was using fallacious reasoning with me so walked away and went back to my dorm still in tears. The very next day my friend Kier, who I have art with and tends to be very laconic reticent , told me that she just passed Ryan with Muar at Struck having a coffee together. Immediately rushed down there and I did not even have t o get out of he car, I saw them kiss through the glass windows of the coffee shop and I w as beyond crushed. Was so devastated that I never wanted to see him again, so before I got hurt even more by Ryan I precluded him from my life forever.

I did not euphemism the breakup at all so tested him and told him saw the kiss and that everything w e had together was all over. Ryan was so sophomoric to never even respond to my text and that crushed me even more. I thought Ryan’s love for me was immutable but apparently he is just a cheating, lying jerk and his love for me was very diminutive . I moped for days on end and did not go to class for a week straight. Even though I am so u set, at the same time am glad I questioned the veracity of Ryan’s truthfulness or else he could still be cheating on me.