My Sister and Cancer

There have been many things in literacy that has earned an influence in my life. However, one thing that has really impacted my life the most is a book called, “Cancer Made Me Crazy But The Rest Is On Me,” written by Chanel Maze. This book is truly an inspiration in so many ways; it is really special to me because it is actually written by my sister.She is in the process of getting her book published as of right now. This book is about how she deals with the many trials and tribulations of just everyday life. As if that’s not enough already she has to deal with having stage 4 terminal lung cancer.

My sister is truly a role model that I strive to be in all facets of my life. The first thing that had an effect on me the most was the day we found out my sister had cancer. I immediately made the trip to San Antonio to see her.It had seemed like someone had torn my heart out and stomped on it, then did it again.On the way to San Antonio, it seemed like I was on a never ending road that had no end in view.

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Before I heard the news about her cancer, we would hardly ever see each other. We would see each other on holidays or major activities, like graduation or something similar. My sister and I were pretty close, but there was always a reason that we couldn’t get together. News of her cancer made me realize that you are not always promised tomorrow.I have learned that you need to make time for your friends and family. You never know how much time you have left with someone until it is too late.Please, never take your loved ones for granted. Another thing that I have learned is that you can overcome any obstacles and struggles life throws at you.

With determination you can accomplish anything that you set your mind to. When my sister found out she had cancer, she wanted to give up at first. Instead of giving up, she picked herself up and was determined to fight.She wasn’t going to let cancer bring her down; and eventuall…