My Socio-Autobiography

The world outside Philippines has a lot to offer. Travel, entertainment, work and income privileges. Childhood dreams have never remained limbo of my dreams. Experiences in Philippines during my younger years are worth remembering, particularly to an international student like me – the virtues my parents have told me, the culture I’m exposed to and the discipline that I have learned during younger years. A Filipino enthusiast as I’m, I have ventured in Santa Rosa, California last year (March 14, 2014) to pursue my dreams and live a new life with my family. I’am Janica Krishel Ocampo.I was born on January 2, 1996. I was raised and lived in the Philippines for 18 years.

I’m the second eldest among the five children of Marciano Panlilio Ocampo and Pilar Maravilla Ocampo. As a child growing up in the Philippines, I was fortunate to attend private Catholic schools from kindergarten through high school. (Santa Rita Catholic School); (Santa Rita College Integrated School) I went to a state university (Bataan Peninsula State University) at Balanga, Bataan, Philippines when I’m in college and studied nursing for two years. Sadly, I wasn’t able to finish it because of the reason that we have to move at the United States. Studying college in the Philippineswasn’t that easy for me at first.

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First, I have to live in a dormitory because my hometown is kinda far to the university where I was in. Second I’am away from my family. Third, I have to learn how to do laundry, groceries, cook my food and budget my allowance. Lastly I have to deal with new people. My mom is a Registered nurse and currently working at Dubai, UAE that time. My dad used to took care of my siblings at my hometown (Pampanga, Philippines).

Growing up,my mom encourages and inspires me a lot to become a nurse. She’s now working in a rehabilitation center for the elderly at Santa Rosa. At first I refuse to go in nursing school because I’am afraid to touch syringes, surgical …