My Struggle with Time Management

Panting uncontrollably as I was rushing to class, already late, I tripped and fell dropping all of my school books on the ground, “I need to get myself together,” I mumbled to myself.

Unfortunately, I didn’t learn the most important lesson in high school: time management. Starting college, I quickly realized that I had to be more independent as I was entering adulthood. After a few setbacks, I discovered I needed to change my ways.

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Time management was my toughest challenge – one thing that everyone has to learn sooner or later – in my case, the later. A lack of time management is a factor to many problems such as procrastination, leading to a lackluster academic performance. Another great skill to have as an adult is money management. For many students’ college is their first money management experience. I faced the dilemma of learning how to manage my money. If I continue this unhealthy behavior, I could find myself in debt.

An essential way of money management is being able to separate my wants from my necessities and limiting my spending habits to things I need. For example, every morning I would find myself at Starbucks before class. For the average person, one would think that Starbucks once a day would be fine, but I was getting it after class as well. After receiving a Gold Member card, I came to the realization that I had an issue. Since I started making money, I noticed a dramatic drop in my savings account because of insufficient self-discipline.

All the money that I had received was going to unnecessary things such as food and shopping. I ate out every day on my way home from school, and whenever I came across someone with boboa, I had to go and buy some. No to mention shopping, my favorite pass time and outlet. My friend Lilli would always have to go to the mall, and of course, I would never want her to go alone, so I went along; every time. I had to completely cut back my spending’s at Victoria secret because.