My Three Roommates

?When I was growing up in India, I lived in a hostel, something like a rented room, from the time I was four-years-old; here a guardian would care of us about everything. Because in our village there no schools, we had to go a hundred kilometers away from a village to study. I have every experience how to behave with roommates. They have many different good or bad habits, some are of different culture and have different languages. I have categorized the roommates that I have lived with into three categories: A dirty, unkempt roommate; disrespectful, rude roommate; and finally the hazardous roommates. First is like dirtiest ever who cannot take care of himself, he never clean room, dishes, and his own clothes. Second, is like disrespectful who that don’t care about anything. Because he was the son of a business man.

And third is like hazardous who always smokes, drink in room and fights with other. Having a roommate is an unpleasant experience. Everybody is instructed differently and has his own way of running a household. Having to learn everyone’s character can also be a challenging within itself because one can be different than one is used to. For me, I have found it quite difficult to live with roommates because they tend to not to pick up after themselves, they also have no regard for your feelings, and they could be careless about your personal belongings. The first roommate that I have encountered was by far dirtiest I had ever lived with.

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He would not take out any trash. I was not there; it would have been piled up all over the floor. Because he cooked in the room and never did the dishes, I had to do them. One day I come into the room from classes and I noticed an awful smell. To my surprise, I found out that it was his sports shoes, and wet clothes. He had played football two days earlier, and I thought he would have washed all his sports clothes as well as the shoes, or put them out to dry, but to my eyes he put them .