My Worst Childhood Experience

“Drink and drive, the police will show you some new bars.

” – Author Unknown. When someone starts to consume alcohol, they never consider the repercussions that could follow. One stupid mistake could change someone’s life forever. My most frightening childhood memory is when a drunk driver hit my family’s truck head on which lead to a life altering disease to surface due to the amounts of trauma I endured. In November of my 4th grade year, school had just let out for Thanksgiving break. Since members from both my mom and dads side of the family was traveling to our home for thanksgiving, my parents gave me permission to invite my best friend Kirby over to stay the night before everyone arrived. My mom, little sister Parker, and I left to go pick Kirby up early that morning so we could utilized as much time as we had before she had to leave the next morning. We had all been horsing in the backyard for hours, when a loud growl came from Parkers stomach which meant it was time to get some food.

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It was already around 2 P.M. so when mom proposed that lunch was a necessity, she called us all in to get ready to go.

We ricocheted off of the trampoline, peeling out through the cool sand leaving a cloud of dust trailing our heals. We leaped into the truck to commence on our trek to Sonic. We had acquired our breakfast burritos and oceans waters, we started on our journey back to the house. We were all happily belting out the words and bobbing ours heads to the rhythm of the hottest hit that was blaring through our Ford 150s speakers. A bright, white cross on the side of the road had seized my attention. Being the analytical 4th grader that I was, of course interrupted the song and choir of whales to ask my mom why it was there.

She explained that it was a Mothers Against Drunk Driving cross. Then she elucidated that someone had taken their last breath at that spot as a result of a drunk driving collision. All three of us sat in the backsea..