Myra The controversial caller ID was also introduced

Myra Y. SanchezMs ArchuletaOTEC-1170-102_SPR_201827 January 2018TheHistory of the Telephone            The telephone was invented in 1876 by Alexander GrahamBell.  This extraordinary invention, 142years later, is still widely used today for communication.  The technology in the phones have evolvedthroughout the years from a telephone that will only call locally to the veryfirst phone call coast to coast in 1915.

 Alexander Graham Bell made the first official phone call to ThomasWatson in San Francisco.  The evolutionof technology and need for communication has come as far as personal portablephones, also known as cell phones, which can call and write instant textmessages around the world.              The first dial phones were invented in 1891 with 512, 000phones in the United States. The first president of the United States to have aphone on their desk was President Herbert Hoover in 1929.  Each president before him had to talk on the phonein a booth outside his executive office.

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             In the late 1950’s and the 1960’s, the telephone andcommunications took a step forward with technology.  In 1958, the pager was introduced in Pennsylvania. While in 1959 the first lighted dial wasinvented and became widely popular in America. The rotary phones were starting to become a thing of the past was thefirst touch button phone was invented in 1960.

 It had a ten button phone unlike the twelve button phone we have today.  In 1968 the emergency line of 911 was putinto place for the people.  The emergencyline is still actively used today.            In the 1990’s the world changed.  The World Wide Web (www) was introduced in1998.  The internet became popularinstantly.  The majority of people got tothe World Wide Web through a modem connection through a phone line.

  The controversial caller ID was alsointroduced and made popularity in the early 90’s.              The 2000’s have evolved into cell phones, VoIP phones, email,surfing the internet, voice mail, and much more.  Some of the personal cell phones thatindividuals own are more powerful and have more functions than a computer.  Telephones can call and text instantly aroundthe world and have communications with anyone. The future of telephones are endless with the fast paced technology. TheTelecommunications History Group, Inc. – Timeline, © 1995-2017 The Telecommunications History Group, Inc.

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