NAFTA Border Policies

“The border between the United States and Mexico has become a symbol of hot-button political issues between the two countries, especially illegal Mexican immigration to the U.S, trade, and drug and gun trafficking across the border” (“United Sates-Mexico Border Issues” 1). The H.R. 4437 policy was created to strengthen the enforcement of border security and it also establishes rules of enforcement to prevent access to illegal immigrants.

The NAFTA policy establishes rules for trade between United States and Mexico and allows the exchange of necessary goods with no charge. With increased trading activity in Mexico, there are security concerns, surfacing in and out of the border.1. A form of diplomacy between United States and Mexico is H.R.4437. “On 16 December 2005 the U.S.

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House of Representatives passed a new immigration bill H.R.4437 for border protection, antiterrorism, and illegal immigration control act of 2005″ (“US-Mexico Border Fence/ Great Wall of Mexico Secure Fence” 1). The bill would “erect a fence along one-third of the total length of the border with Mexico.

Also section 102 of the illegal immigration reform and immigration responsibility act of 1996 was amended” (“US-Mexico Border Fence/ Great Wall of Mexico Secure Fence” 1). The tool of foreign policy for H.R. 4437 is military force. The category is limited military response which basically notifies another nation of the oncoming war that can occur by its actions, so in this case Mexico is being warned by U.S. because they are being a becoming a threat to border security. According to the article “US-Mexico Border Fence/ Great Wall of Mexico Secure Fence” the “Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors Act (DREAM) (S.

2075)” will “provide undocumented students with a pathway to legalize their immigration status” (2). “On May 25, 2006, the U.S.

Senate passed S.2611 for border security, interior enforcement, worksite enforcement, establishment..