The Difference Between GM and Organic

Attention Material: About a year ago, I remember shouting at my husband Henry trying to convince him the difference between GM foods and organic foods. “No! You just don’t get the concept of SMOG”, I yelled. It was a nice Sunday afternoon, when I and Henry had this big argument on Smog’s, which later on continued the whole day right from the grocery store to the dinner table. Thesis statement: What are Smog’s? What is genetic engineering?Seeing and discussing answers to these interrogations that day changed our position on how having knowledge on what you consume and how you inhabit is so important. BODY . Use of Genetically Modified Organisms A discussion with Henry on Smog’s A.

B. What are SMOG? C. What is Genetic Engineering? Environmental Issues associated with Smog.

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2. A. How they affect Humans? B. How are they affecting the environment we live in? C. Experimental results from science publications on effects of Smog’s. 3.

Governmental issues A. What is government’s role in it? B. Corruption by government and big corporations C. How is a common man at disadvantage?