Narrative Essay – Who I Am

Bright lights. That’s what kept my eyelids glued shut or was it the constant camera flashes.

When they started to open the vision wasn’t clear. Someone could of put a clown in front of me and I wouldn’t have noticed. The people in front of me looked like giants. Then again they could’ve been clowns too. Which would explain why I was crying especially with them trying to hold me. “Welcome to the world Andre”. It’s crazy how I came into the world crying and welcomed by giants. Whats even more interesting is learning what made me who I am since then.

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And so the story begins. Family is the closest thing to me. So when I talk about my story I also include theirs because my story as well, as their walk through life has helped shaped mine. I was once the youngest until my two brothers birth.

So during my early years I consider myself the youngest. Being the youngest has taught me things by seeing what my three older siblings went through. Before my parents met they both had a kid of their own. My father eventually adopted my oldest brother who came from my mother’s previous relationship. It wasn’t until after the got married that they had my only full blood sibling, which is my other sister, and me who are only four years apart. I wish I could say we were this one big happy family but that just isn’t reality.We had many trials and tribulations, but I feel as if I wouldn’t have gone through it all with them I wouldn’t be the person I am today. When I was young, I almost lost my father.

It hit me hard because I was so young I didn’t quite know what was going on all knew was that my father was in the hospital and very ill. In addition with me being so young, I wasn’t told what was actually going on I just had to overhear things. I was never really told exactly what happened until I was older. My dad had overdosed due to things going on in his life which led him to be hospitalized. It hurt knowing he was in the hospital but hurt even m..