Narrative Report Essay

Last September 3. 2010 I started my on-the-job-training plan at The Medical City in Ortigas. I was assigned at the Admitting Department where all entrance patients are entertained and admitted. It is where the patients normally go whenever they need to reassign suites.

It is besides where the entrance patients call if they need to reserve suites for their admittance. The Admitting Department besides serves a call centre for the full infirmary. As a trainee or an intern. I besides have tonss of responsibilities or duties to make at my said section.Those responsibilities or duties are as follows: first. I handle incoming calls from patients. physicians. and other forces from inside the infirmary.

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My supervisor besides assigned at their call centre where I experienced replying calls from outside the infirmary which is a hard undertaking to make because I have to cognize all the local Numberss of the different sections of the infirmary so that I can reassign the calls decently and that I will non acquire any complains.Second. is that my supervisor asked me to entertain patients who came in for the first clip and I asked them to make full out a Patient Information Sheet so that they can be admitted decently. My 3rd responsibility or duty is to register. My supervisor asked me to register and to set up her registering cabinet alphabetically. I have experienced to register all the necessary information. confidential information. telephone measures.

gasolene ingestions. etc. Fourth. is to encode the figure of patients who are admitted on a certain unit at the infirmary ( i.

e. ICU. Ward. and Telemetry Unit ) .Fifth.

is to enter the names of the patients on a logbook and after I recorded the names of the patients. I will travel to the Billing Section to give them the logbook so that they will set it on their database. My 6th responsibility or duty is to calculate the entire figure of barcodes used by patients on a certain unit for a whole month. It was a difficult thing to make because I truly have to do certain that I computed it decently so that there will non be any jobs sing that affair. Seventh. is to look into the figure of patients who are discharged on a certain twenty-four hours. and to besides encode it every bit good.

Eight. is to make what they call “Turnaround Time for Actual Room Occupancy” on their database. What I do with it is that I find the patient who is in the records and I check if their clip of admittance is right.

Ninth. is to number all the figure of incoming calls that the Admitting Department received for the whole hebdomad. Tenth.

is to look into the list of names of all of the commissioned physicians of a certain wellness card are all right and complete so that they will cognize if the said physician of their patient is right.And in conclusion are to publish all of the needful files like for illustration the Philhealth records that are needed for their one-year audit. Those Philhealth records took a really long clip for me to complete because it contained a batch of pages in every individual twenty-four hours of the month. During my preparation period.

I besides encountered jobs like any other trainee would hold. On my first twenty-four hours of my preparation period. I was a spot diffident at first to speak to my colleagues because I was new and I don’t cognize them all. but as clip passed by I found out that they are all good people and that they are non clannish after all.In fact.

they are all amusing and great to be with. When it comes to covering with patients or with visitants. I find it difficult to speak to them at foremost particularly if the patient you encountered is hardheaded because they are the 1s who are really demanding when it comes to the type of the suites that they want. and that they don’t listen that much to what you are explicating to them. Those patients are what my colleagues frequently call “Toxic” because they are really difficult to cover with and that sometimes they can be really raging.I besides encountered jobs in replying telephone calls particularly when I was assigned at the call centre where I have to memorise all the local Numberss of the sections in the infirmary. and the calls are non-stop. While making my on-the-job-training plan I have learned to cover with people who I am non used to be with every individual twenty-four hours.

I have learned to be confident when replying calls. and when speaking to a patient. I besides learned that it is non truly that abashing to inquire your colleague if you did non to the full understood what your supervisor had told you to make.I besides learned non to be diffident to inquire what to make whenever I already finished what I was asked to make. And I besides learned how to pass on good with other people particularly with my colleagues.

While my preparation progressed. I have learned so many things. non merely on this field of work. but besides in life.

I have learned to be confident in covering with other people. I besides gained new friends. I have learned that my colleagues are non so difficult to associate to even if they are manner older than me. They are truly great to speak to. They are all good hearers and they frequently give me advises non merely in work. but besides advises in life.I did non recognize that I already spent a month in that section and that my preparation plan is coming to an terminal.

It is like I don’t want my developing plan to stop even though my supervisor ever gave me a batch of work. and that I ever come place tardily because I ever do an overtime so that I will be able to complete the hours needed to complete my preparation plan. but it was all worth it. I am now already looking frontward for my following on-the-job-training. I hope that I can make my preparation at the Admitting Department of The Medical City following clip. I truly had a blast even if some yearss are really palling. So.

this ends my narrative study!