Natural Disaster Preparedness

Management should consider adding business contingency plan to their strategic planning. This will Incorporate what to do and how to keep the business running In the event of a disaster.

Some businesses have different departments or committees hat may have an emergency plan but it is not sufficient. Coming together as one to plan for the unthinkable may not be what a company or business management want to think but it is very important. The reason this needs to be addressed is because there are so many new ways and threats to our country that we can’t even keep up with. Bio-weapons alone needs Its own chapter In how to handle an attack if such a situation arises. A business needs to able to bounce back or have a quick turn- around in the wake of an disaster.

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This helps them not lose so much in revenue as ell and the business will help keep the community economy thriving. An unplanned or well organized BCC can lead to a loss of the company’s workforce, the customers they may serve and the family members of staff. So what should be included in a contingency plan for it to be successful? The company that I work for does not have a plan for our building however we do have a code word In the even we are In danger. The staff of any business should be we prepared by going through some sort of well-organized and informative training.

This should take place after planning has been implemented and is readily available to the workforce. A chain of command and communication should be clearly stated and understood. This would include giving individuals their duties and them knowing what are they are supposed and how to handle the chaos. Along with having a plan and communication if a business Is sharing a building or In a community they should have a plan as well. For example: A building that houses different businesses should have one central or main contingency plan so that everyone is on the same page.

There must be structure so that no one gets hurt in the event they have to evacuate. Then the immunity plan must also be made available to workforce so that once they do evacuate Into the community they know where to go. Just like when you were in be timed so that each time the get better. Time management is another key component to a contingency plan better yet all plans. Included in the community would be hospitals, clinics, fire departments, schools, police departments and etc. These community partners must also be trained in how to respond to a disaster.

In a baptisteries attack the first responders must know how to identify the type of agent that is toxic and how to handle those that are exposed to it. In order for first responders to know how to identify they must be educated on these new agents. All of these agencies in the community must be able to work together and not have any confusion. So everyone must know the role which would be learned in a community public health contingency plan. The sum of all of these agencies is communication.

If it is not communicated by first responders to hospitals that they level 2 or level 3 disasters they may not have enough man power to handle the crisis. Again time management is a key component because the faster the response team arrives the aster they can relay the message of how many people are injured and what kind of injuries they may have suffered. In the event that there is a bomb disaster there must be a hospital that has a burn unit so that they can treat the victims of that disaster. If there is not a hospital in the local area they may have to go state wide to ask for assistance.

This then would mean there needs to be a communication plan in place within that state to communicate there is a crisis in the certain area. Recently here in the state of Texas the small city of West had an explosion at a fertilizer plant. This explosion killed 15 people including first responders. The plant had been fined many times by EPA and OSHA for improper storage of chemicals and for not having a risk management plan. The explosion not only destroyed the plant but a nearby middle school, homes and an apartment building.

The after math and clean up for the explosion was very extensive and the town did not have enough man power to recover bodies and clean. The injuries were substantial and many people had to flown to cities like Dallas that could handle burn victims. This interrupted school for he children and some business were not able to function because of damage. Also the town still worries about the after effects of those chemicals like spillage in the water and the plants. No one knows if years later this explosion could affect individuals not Just emotionally but physical as well.

Texas had to learn from this disaster that a plan must be in a place no matter what. The state itself had a plan but the town of West was not prepared nor were any of the business. If this had been a larger scaled explosion that the state could not handle alone then there would be a need nationally. Of course with after math of 9/1 1, Hurricane Strain, and mass shootings the nations is prepared for disasters but are still not well equipped for baptisteries. How would a state communicate nationally if they are in a state of disaster?

It is obvious that the Governor would be the main point of contact to FEM. and perhaps the Red Cross. Also state wide there should be warnings sent to residents so that they can prepare for the disaster. Time management must be utilized well in the case of saving lives. The state must communicate through the cities so that the plan they have set in place can go smoothly. Like with any crisis or disaster there is going to be some panic and some fear among individuals but it is up to the leader to help those individuals to stay calm.

In conclusion, planning ahead is level. From businesses to schools they must learn what the plan is and what their roles and responsibilities may be. Sitting down as one and putting these strategic and contingency plans together help to make a crisis more organized. Communities, states and national this plan should be addressed and well communicated. Remembering to stay calm and knowing who to call is key. So business should never o without a contingency plan as we learned from many other examples it can make the disaster worse than what it already is.