NCERT Solutions For Class

The nucleuses composed the following components: (i) Nuclear membrane: Iris a double-layered membrane which separates the contents of the unsuccessful the cytoplasm. The nuclear membrane has nuclear pores that allow the transfer of specific substances in and out of the nucleus. (ii) Nucleolus: It is a small spherical body that is not bound by any membrane. (iii) Chromosomes: Teachers thread-lectureships that carry genes.

Genes contain information accessory for the transfer of characteristics from the parents the offspring. Thus, chromosomes play an important role in the inheritance of characteristics.Question 4: Highchair of the cell contains organelles? Cytoplasm is the parrot the cell that contains various organelles such as mitochondria, ribosome, Googol bodies, etc, Cytoplasm is a fluoridate fills the cell and occurs been the plasma membrane and the nucleus. Question S: Make sketches of animal and plant cells. State three differences between them. httpflsch0015.

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Gaggles. Common=2307 NICER Solutions for Class 8th Science Chapter 8 Cell-Structure and Functions Question 6: State the difference between eukaryote and prokaryote. P ro garrotes Eukaryote Most prokaryote are unicellular. Most eukaryote are multicultural.The nucleuses poorly defined due to the absence Tenaciously well defined and is surrounded booby nuclear membrane.

A nuclear membrane. Nucleolus is absent Nucleolus is present. Cell organelles such as plastics, mitochondria, googol bodies, etc.

Are absent. googol bodies, etc. Are present. Bacteria and blue-green algae are prokaryotic cells. Fungi, plant, and animal cellars eukaryotic cells. Question 7: Where are chromosomes founding cell? State their function. Answer: The nucleation’s thread-lectureships called chromosomes. Chromosomes play an important role in the inheritance of characters.

They carry genes that help in the transfer of characters from the parents the offspring. Question 8: ‘Cells are the basic structural units Of living organisms’. Explain. Answer: Collectivities various components plants animals. Cell is the smallest unit Of lifeline is capable Of all living functions.

Cellars the building blocks of life. This is the reason why cells are referred to as ‘the basic structural and functional units of life’. All cells varying their shapes, sizes, and activities they perform. In fact, the shaped size of the cell is related to the specific function it performs.Question 9: Explain why chloroplasts are found only in plant cells? Chloroplasts found only in plant cells. They contain green pigment called chlorophyll. This green pigment is important parthenogenesis in green plants.

This chlorophyll pigment traps solar energy and utilizes Otto manufacture footsore plant. Http://schusses. Gaggles. Common=2307 Question 10: Complete the crossword with the helped clues given below.

Across 1. This is necessary for photosynthesis.