New Institutionalism, Policy Diffusion and National

IntroductionNational policy making is a complex process anda specific policy is made to serve the purticular interest of the a given nation sate. One of the common trade of national policy making is the approcach of policy difussion. According to Alasuutari & Qadir(2014), national states adopt global standards and policy models not because they are coerced to do so but primarily because governments are convinced that it is good for them. So it creates a isomorphism of the national policy accross the globe. Education systems in Sub-Saharan Africa, for instance, seemed surprisingly like those of Western societies despite stark differences in the labor markets they served (Schofer, Hironaka &Frank; 2012,2).

New institutionalist study this isomophism, in other word they try to analyze how the diffusion of the policy leads towards the conformity of policies around the world. This essay discusses the creation of national policy through the policy diffusion and new instituinalist view of the policy difussion.Discussion Policy-making is an extremely analytical and political process which involves a complex set of forces. (Zaei 2014, 331).More precisely,Public policies follow a particular purpose: they are designed to achieve defined goals and present solutions to societal problems(Knill &Tosun; 2008, 496).

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Policy transfer is one of the ways of developing a national policy. Dolowitz and Marsh (1996) defines policy transferasa process in which knowledge about policies, administrative arrangements, institutions etc. in one time and/or place is used in the development of policies, administrative arrangements and institutions in another time and/or place and policy diffusion is one of the forms of policy transfer (cited in Evans and Davies 1999,361) The diffusion theories developed by sociologists, political scientists, and economists seek to explain not only the general phenomenon, but also the pattern of diffusion of particular policies t…