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How does WHIMS protect you from chemical reactions in your work environment? Worker education programs provide instruction on the hazards of chemicals In the workplace and training in understanding and using the WHIMS information. The ultimate goal of WHIMS is to create a safer workplace by providing workers with the knowledge and tools to enable them to understand the hazards and to work safely. 2. How Is chemistry useful when cooking In the kitchen? Describe some examples A chemist knows that green vegetables turn an ugly drab color when the magnesium tom at the center of the chlorophyll molecule Is replaced by a hydrogen atom.

This can happen when green vegetables are heated, or when an acid Is present. 3. How can hydrogen gas be used as a fuel source and why Is It considered to be a clean fuel? Water is separated into hydrogen gas by pulling off the oxygen atoms. It can then be burned like any other gas such as propane. It can also power an electric type engine by exposing the hydrogen to oxygen, because the hydrogen wants to reattach to it and make water again. As the electrons shoot around, the electricity is rareness and it runs like an electric car, and the exhaust pipe lets out a few drops of pure water. . Identify and describe the chemical reaction that is used in a catalytic converter to help rid a cars exhaust of nitrous oxides the catalytic converter uses a reduction catalyst composed of platinum and rhodium to reduce the nitrous oxides. As the nitrous oxide molecules (NO and NON) pass through the device, the catalyst removes the nitrogen atom, allowing the free oxygen to form oxygen gas (02). The nitrogen atom that is attached to the catalyst reacts with other attached nitrogen atoms to form nitrogen gas (NO).

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