Aggregate Production Plan

What are the major inputs, constraints, and outputs of the aggregate production plan (APP) Does APP have to be In terms of a real product Do the costs of carrying Inventory, hilling, firing, backbreaking exist In the accounting books Where does APP fit in the hierarchy of plans What is a pure strategy What is a mixed strategy Give examples How do we determine (Judge) whether one plan is better than the other Is it appropriate for a company, which competes on the basis of quality, to construct a chase plan Explain and give examples if necessaryWhat is the major cost item for the level plan Describe the (computational) steps Involved In constructing a level plan What Is the major cost for the chase plan What Is backbreaking It Is usually mixed with what other type of strategy (See the document on B) If we don’t cover backbreaking in class, don’t worry about it. We may cover it Tuesday, Cot 21 SST. Arrange in order of increasing cost (left to right, from least to most expensive) overtime, subcontract, backorder What is relevant (incremental) cost Does it exist in accounting books All the problems assigned or done in class.Forecasting Do forecasting accuracy Increase or decrease as the planning horizon Increases Do forecasting accuracy Increase or decrease as Items are grouped (aggregated) What Is Delphi method What problems do you see with sales force composite estimate What is causal (associative) forecasting What is time series forecasting What are the components of time series (up 108-109) Which statistic do we use to choose between two forecasting methods In using simple exponential smoothing, what do we do if we do not have a forecast for the first period Which component of time series do we monotone with exponential smoothing With moving averages As a forecasting technique, Is exponential smoothing always better than moving averages What happens when we Increase alpha EMBED Equator.DIDST Are we Glenn more or less weight to more recent data Do weighted moving averages give more or less weight to more recent data What is tracking signal How do you use it (Be as specific as you can) What does running sum of forecast errors (cumulative error) indicate (NAS. They indicate if there is bias in the data. MAD indicates the quality of the fit of he model.

) All the problems (assigned and/or done in class. ) Inventory Management 1 . What does Inventory do for a company Why do we carry It 2. What Is dependent inventory What is independent inventory How do you plan and control each 3.

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What is EX. How does an EX./ROPE system work (the operating principle).