Now using privileges and keys whenever desired. One

Now days with the growing of population and use of technology, it leading
to many problems for storing data 1. The growth in technology is increasing
the amount of storage or communication and technique devices. The Cloud offers apparently
infinite resources to store data. Due to availability of cloud storage, large
amount of data get saved on cloud & get retrieved by users by using privileges
and keys whenever desired. One of the major intimidations of cloud is to preserve
the escalating number of data. To make data management more scalable in cloud,
deduplication is well-known and effective system. Data Deduplication is enthusiastic
compression method. In this it reduces copies of duplicate data. Deduplication method
is also used for less storage space utilization and this can applied on network
for transferring data to cut down the volume that is to be transmitted. Its
better to delete same copies rather than maintaining it and wasting space.

And Deduplication does the same thing i.e. eliminating copied data and keeping
only unique data. By Using a Cloud, we can achieve better results of
Deduplication in terms of security and storage. Cloud offer us many advantages
like scalability, consistency, cost savings & deployment with the improved
control, superior. Convergent Encryption gives confidentiality on data. Data Encryption
and data decryption accomplished by the key derived from fil. Key is generated
based on hash function. After the key generated and data is encrypted, owners
protect those keys then send cipher text to cloud. To keep data safe and to maintain
distance from attackers or unauthorized people, the term is introduces named proof
of ownership i.e. POW. This protocol is essential for confirmation that the
user certainly owns the identical file when a replica is found. After confirmation,
users having similar data, will be given “pointer” . this pointer is generated for
not to upload same copy of data over cloud. With the help of that pointer a
user can download the file which is encrypted from server. And that file is
decrypted by respective keys only. Therefore, Convergent Encryption will be authorization
 process of the cloud to execute
Deduplication on the texts and  PoW check
for not permitted user to have access to file.

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