Nowadays, much to ask, but also impossible. Teenagers

Nowadays, teenagers are under immense pressure to get accepted into prestigious universities. Everybody expects them to perform well in every possible field in life. This is not only too much to ask, but also impossible. Teenagers are under the impression that they must work extremely hard to meet these expectations. This intense pressure that is put on students’ shoulders often backfires and results in social, physical and emotional stress.

Firstly, it is a generally known fact that parents want what’s best for their children and want them to live up to their potentials. Pushing them to get a higher education degree is quite expected, since adults are aware of the superiority that comes with better jobs in the competitive economy of the 21st century. A growing body of compelling evidence presents us the idea that the sacrifices, beliefs, and values parents implant in their children will help determine the person they grow up to be. According to a study at Johns Hopkins University “ways in which parents get involved and advocate for their children’s education rely upon parents’ conceptions of academic success”. Unrealistic parental expectations of a child’s abilities and potential seem to be the most common cause of stress among students. Another study featured in the Journal of Child and Family Studies concludes that students who have parents putting a lot of pressure on them by over-managing their lives tend to be more self-conscious and loose their competence. Even though parents do this inadvertently and with the best interest in heart, this does not change the fact that it destroys students’ self-confidence and puts them under a great deal of pressure to fulfill the ambitions of their parents instead of focusing on what they really want. 

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In addition to parental pressure, there is also the fear of failure among students who are preparing to enroll into college. Failure is something no student wants but often students find themselves worrying about what comes with college. As pressure of failing builds up, students begin to wonder if they will ever succeed. The thought of failing their academics and being confronted by their teachers and parents is simply appalling to students, and when the idea of not making it to the next level comes into play the pressure comes to a point where it is not only frustrating but also has an extensive effect that interferes with the substantial academic results. 

Furthermore, juggling numerous extracurricular activities, different subjects and loads of assignments on a daily basis is not easy, on the contrary, it is extremely difficult and exhausting. In addition to their studying schedules students also have social lives that are very difficult to find any time or energy for. On top of all this, students have the obligation to keep their grades up throughout their college years since good education comes with high paychecks. Students feel extra pressure to “repay” their parents by dedicating all their time and strength to get the best possible grades since they are aware of the high coasts of college fees. 

Moreover, it is incredibly surprising that people still stand unaware of the fact that this pressure students are being exposed to often generates abrupt consequences such as; cheating on important tests, over-worrying, not eating enough or eating unhealthy food, loosing interests in former hobbies, not sleeping enough and withdrawing from friends and family. Students can even  become depressed, having a hopeless or helpless outlook on their lives which can lead to other grave issues. To cut is short it would be accurate to state that pressure does more harm than good. 

In conclusion, coupled with the society, their parents, and teachers constantly pushing them to do better, pressuring them to enroll in college and achieve only high results, students stand before the most important decision in their lives. This combined with the fear of failure and the unknown pushes teenagers towards anxiety and put them under a pressure that is impossible to bear.