Nowadays, opinion, parents should be held liable for

Nowadays, it is known that several children tend tobreak the laws.

Children committing vandalism, being under the effect ofalcohol, drugs, among others can often be seen on television. Unfortunately, thesevandals are capable of committing huge felonies such as murders, entering ahouse, steal cars and from people, or even rape. The young people do not careabout how old they are, they only break laws no matter what. Many peoplebelieve that parents should not take responsibility for the crimes committed bytheir children but themselves. However, some other people believe that all thesecrimes are provoked by something or somebody since nothing is born out of nowhere.In my opinion, parents should be held liable for their children’s crimes, becauseof parents are the main responsible for what children do, either teaching themvalues or influencing them to commit crimes.

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            The first and most important reason isthat parents are the main responsible for what they children do. “If parentsare found liable for their children’s actions when they are young, they will doa better job at raising them” (Brown, 2012). It might be true that children who commit crimes canbe strongly influenced by peer pressure or society, yet, parents’ job is toinstill them a sense of what is correct and wrong. Some people believe thatwhile children are underage parents are responsible for anything their childrendo.

However, some believe parents must keep devoting their constant attention totheir children, maybe in a 50% since that is a parents’ duty. Otherwise, parentswill entitled their children to commit any kind of crime. This is why, parentsshould be held morally and legally liable for their child’s actions. In somecountries, young people’s parents are often punished by law for the delinquentbehavior that their children have. In this instance, some courts parents are penalizedfor the crimes committed by their children (e.g., Bessant and Hil 1998;Drakeford 1996; Dundes 1994).            In second place, parents tend toinfluence their children for committing crimes.

It is widely known that in somelocalities of the world there exists parents who encourage their children tocommit a criminal offence. In this cases, parents should take responsibility oftheir children since they teach or encourage them to get involve in crimes. Theseones, tend to become criminals at the moment of being engaged in a series of crimessuch as murder, theft, fraud, or drugs, among others. Here is where parents mustassumed the responsibility for the crimes committed by their children sincethey are the main culprits.                To conclude, parentsshould be held responsible for the crimes of their children. It is known that parentsare the main responsible for either teaching them values or influencing them tocommit a crime. Parents must inculcate children both integrity and morals withthe purpose of avoiding criminal children.

Parents, as the first authorityfigure in children’s lives, are the only ones who must teach them the essentialvalues for an individual. Those parents who commit crimes should take into accountthe atrocious consequences that it entails when having children. A young peoplemust be a person with integrity.