Nursing became family. After my mom had passed

Nursing Interview PaperNursing is something I have always dreamed about.

When mymom was first diagnosed with stage 4 ovarian cancer I was around doctors, andnurses quite often. At first, I felt very uncomfortable, but as the years wenton, they became family. After my mom had passed there was no doubt in my mindthat I wanted to be a nurse. It became my dream to be able to care for othersjust like how my mom’s nurses cared for her.

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I am currently in my first nursingclass, Nursing Concepts. It is thrilling, but challenging. We have been askedto interview a nurse to gain insight of the profession. This paper is based offthe interviewee, DK, and her responses to my questions.  Nurses BackgroundD.

K. first started her medical career as a Certified Nurse’sAssistant. A good deal of Certified Nursing Assistant’s progress in the field, D.K.

had the same idea. She attended college in Northeastern Iowa. She graduatedfrom this college with her RN in 1977. D.

K then went to work at a hospital in NortheasternIowa. It had been her dream to keep going in school, but getting married andhaving kids was another dream of hers. After three kids, she wanted to showthem that, “It is important to continue your education, don’t settle foranything, especially if it is your dream. I also wanted to be a good role modelfor them and show them that they can do it as well!” (personal communication,January 18, 2018).

D.K. went back for her BSN in 2000. She currently works inthe same Northeastern Iowa hospital with her BSN.

D.K. also has the title ofCertified Medical Examiner/Legal Death. She is talented in many areas! Issues Important to DK in NursingD.K. and I had a phone interviewon January 18th. One of the questions I asked her was, “What is oneissue you think is important in nursing right now?” She told me that, “It isimportant to know that nursing is an ongoing process of learning. It is alwayschallenging, it’s an evolving science” (personal communication, January 18,2018).

I know D.K. personally and I know that the challenge is one thing sheloves about nursing.             My nextquestion for D.K. was, “What is another important issue to you?” She sighed.

Icould tell that this issue was a problem for her in her current day, as she wascurrently working. There was silence for about 20 seconds. She must have neededtime to think about how she was going to word it, or she didn’t want to comeoff in a frustrated way. D.K. finally replied with, “Remembering that everyoneis a team, it is team focused care, we are all customer of each other!” I wasconfused by what she meant so I asked her to clarify some more.

She said, “I amnot only a customer to my patients, but I am a customer to the rest of my team.If I need something from radiology they also have to be polite to me and mypatients as well.” (personal communication, January 18, 2018). Questions of Interest from theStudentAfter asking D.K. her thoughts on important issues, I wasable to ask any question that I wanted. My first question was, “What is yourfavorite part about being a Nurse?” Her response was, “I enjoy being able tohelp others, and I enjoy helping them figure out what is going on with them. Atthe end of the day I like the feeling of knowing that I made a difference, thatI was able to help someone.

That’s a gold star to me!” She then added, “Puttingin IV’s. I am really good at putting them in. It’s the best when a patient saysthat no one can ever get one in, and I get it in on the first try.” (personalcommunication, January 18, 2018).My next question forD.K. was, “What was something you struggled with while in nursing school?” Shereplied with, “Time management.

I mean you were suppose to go home right afterclass and read it all, and spit it all back out the next day. I am such asocial person, I wanted to do other things, other things had to be done.”(personal communication, January 18, 2018). D.

K. and I did not finish ourconversation here. We carried on to talk about how I was doing in my first two weeksof class. It was nice talking to a nurse that could directly relate to me.

ReflectionI first want to start by saying how wonderful of a nurse Ithink D.K. is. She not only is a role model to her kids, but her family and tome as well. When I asked her my first question of an important issue in nursing,and she mentioned that nursing is always evolving, I completely agreed.

Nursingscience is constantly changing, and yes, it is challenging. For myself, asCertified Nursing Assistant, it is very challenging. From my two weeks ofclasses alone, I can only imagine that the life of a nurse is more challenging.Personally, I love science and love that it is always changing.

Challenging jobis a fun job. I agree a hundredpercent that the people I work with have to be a team. We all have to be’customers’ of each other. I can relate to D.K. in the sense of herfrustration. Being a nurse is hard as it is, when people are not respecting youat work, it makes the job more difficult. I could hear in her voice howfrustrated she was.

I predict that some day I will run into the same problemwith my co-workers. When I asked D.K.what her favorite part of nurses was, I was able to relate with her.

There isno better feeling then to help others. When someone is in pain, or they needguidance, I jump to the ability to help them. D.K.

does this as well. I havenever seen her with patients, but I have seen her outside of work. She is aloving, caring person. Those are two big qualities of a good nurse. D.

K. also mentionedhow she loved the challenge of putting IV’s in. I have not gotten to this partof my class yet. I am excited to see how I will do. I hope that I can become asgreat as D.K. I would give myself a ‘gold star’ if I can put an IV in the mostchallenging patients like her.

When D.K. said thatshe was not the best at time management in school, I was so happy that I wasnot the only one. I do well in school, but I sometimes struggle with doing myhomework or studying on the weekends. I like to go out and be social with myfriends. I love family time with my finance and my siblings.

I try to get allof my homework done during the week, so I can spend time with others. Spendingtime with others and having time to myself is very important in succeedingthrough my RN program. People need time to themselves, especially me.

Unfortunately, I don’t always get all my homework done by the weekend. I tellmyself I will study on Sunday, but I never do. I leave it all for Monday. Knowing that D.K. struggledwith the same thing gave me reassurance.

She was able to figure out her timemanagement and get through all of her nursing classes. D.K. is very successfulnow and people respect her.

She is a very talented nurse, that I hope to havethe opportunity to work with. This way I can learn her skills and become agreat nurse like herself.