Nursing Practice

The complexity of human activities causes a lot of effects to the lives of every individual. Whatever the effect of these activities, favorable or not, man is affected particularly in the aspect on how every activity is to be carried out using his physical strength thus making him stressed eventually. It is normal for people to experience stress but when it comes, every person should be ready to handle it in order for its effect to become favorable on his part. Though generally, its effects are negative.

In the view of many people, on the other hand, it can benefit others in some ways. No one can live without experiencing some degree of stress at all times (Selye1987). Stress nowadays plays a great part not only on students but also in each person’s daily living, it occurs when there is an imbalance between the demands of life and our ability to cope with them. Most people know something about stress. One may think that only serious disease or intensive physical or mental injury can cause stress, this is false (Selye1978).Job pressures, school works, family arguments, financial pressures and not having enough time are just few of the stressors that people at the present day society faces daily.

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In fact, it has been accepted in the society that everyday stress is part of modern living (Murray and Pizzorno, 1998). The issue on how people respond on stress should be given much importance to eliminate the detrimental effects of it; one is the possible disease that a human body can have. The human response to stressful events is an ancient one, dating back to a time when life is a constant struggle for survival.Unfortunately, people are not sensitive enough to recognize what is causing them to feel stressed. What these people may notice are the physical sign of stress, such as insomnia, depression, fatigue, headache, upset stomach, digestive disturbances, and irritability living (Murray and Pizzorno). Indeed, the concern about the proper stress management is very important for it will give an assurance of competency for every individual. Knowing what should be done whenever it occurs for us to have alternatives in facing whatever result it can give.

Upon dealing stress properly, then we are confident and assured that everything will have a good result that favors every effort that we have done in carrying out routine activities of human lives, making effective and efficient handlers of whatever scenario relative to our lives. This study will help the student nurses to manage their stress and be competent in different clinical area. Statement of the Problem The aim of this study was to determine the “Extent of Stress Experienced by Level IV Nursing Students of Good Samaritan College in Treating Patient with Clustered Age Group”.Specifically, this study sought to answer the following questions: 1. ) What are the perceived level of stress among selected level IV nursing students of Good Samaritan College in terms of: a. ) studies b.

) family c. ) friends d. ) relationship 2.

) Which of these stressors has greatly contributed to the stress felt by the students thus affecting the performance of the nursing students? 3. ) What age group contributes most to the stress being felt by the students? 4. ) What are the coping mechanisms the respondents used to manage their stress and improve their performance?Significance of the Study To the Researchers: This study will enable the researchers to apply the theories learned in nursing research thus helping them to hone their skills. To the Nursing Students: They will be given more knowledge on the proper stress coping mechanisms.

They will be able to learn some alternative techniques or actions on how to at least alleviate the stress they are facing in their everyday lives. Nursing students will somehow be ready in handling everyday stressors that might come. They will be competent and be effective nurses someday.To the Clinical Instructors: This study will give them knowledge on the levels of stress felt by their students. The clinical instructors then will be able to plan and balance the different academic and clinical requirements to be done by the students. To the Future Researchers: This study will serve as guide and source of information to the future researchers thus make them finish their paper easier and faster. Scope and Limitation The respondents were 50 selected level IV nursing students at Good Samaritan College who were chosen by incidental sampling.

The researchers conducted this study during the first semester of school year 2009.The emphasis of this study was placed on the “Extent of Stress Experienced by Level IV Nursing Students of Good Samaritan College in Treating Patient with Clustered Age Group”. The actual study on the respondents was conducted from June to October 2009. Theoretical Framework One of the normal effect of nurses’ everyday lives is stress; nurses’ lives is not normal in a way that you will have incomplete hours of sleep and night becoming day. Through stress management, nursing students are being capable of facing different stressors in school and in hospital setting.Their competency and effectivity of these students may also depend on how they adapt and cope with stress. On Hans Selye’s Stress of Life, he pointed out that few people define the concept of stress in the same way or even bother to attempt a clear-cut definition. According to Selye, an important aspect of stress is that a wide variety of dissimilar situations are capable of producing the stress response such as fatigue, effort, pain, fear, and even success.

This has led to several definitions of stress, each of which highlights different aspects of stress.