Nutrition the pressure of blood in the body

Nutrition Term Definition Nutrition A means of attaining food and/or water for health Nutrients Any food or drink that provides nourishment to the body Bulimia A strong urge to lose weight usually done by purging Anorexia Refusal to intake nutrients of any sort Blood Pressure This is used to calculate the pressure of blood in the body Body Mass Index A means to determine if someone is over or under weight Diet Restriction of certain foods or drinks Diabetes type 1 Lack of the production of insulin Diabetes type 2 Lack of response to insulin Metabolism The conversion of substances into energy Energy Metabolism The process of gaining energy from nutrients Amino Acids This are used to build protein Essential Amino Acids These are amino acid that can only come from food Fiber Increase movement of digestion Glucose A sugar created by the body to be used for energy Insulin Controls the level of glucose in the body Lactose A type of sugar that is found in milk Lactose Intolerant An inability to digest the sugar Minerals Nutrients that are found in food Obesity Being overweight Morbid Obesity Being severely over your ideal body weight Overweight Being over your ideal body weight RDA The daily amount of nutrient intake to maintain a health RDI The daily consumption of a nutrient Triglycerides Fat that is stored in the body Saturated Fates Are fats that increase cholesterol levels in the body Unsaturated Fats Are fats that improve cholesterol Vitamins Nutrients that improve body function Vegetarian A person who does not eat meat Vegan A person who does not eat meat or uses animal products Ovo-vegetarian People eat eggs but not meat or dairy Lactovegetarian People who do not eat meat or eggs Calories A unit used to measure energy Cholesterol A type of fat that can be found in the body Hydrogenated A process of adding hydrogen to foods Monounsaturated Fat These are fatty acids that only have one double bond Polyunsaturated Fat These are fatty acids that only have more than one double bond Trans Fat Fats that are found in margarine which are dangerous to the body Pesco-vegetarian A person that only eats fish