Objective and positioning of commercial

My Favorite Radio Station My favorite radio station is One FM. The slogan of One FM is “The most hit”. Why one FM is my favorite radio station? Because every program of one FM is more closer with Y generation and the program of one FM easier to touch Y generation heart, it’s also easier attract Y generation to listen. One FM is a quite famous radio station in Malaysia that will run the radio station using Mandarin and Cantonese. Furthermore, some of the program will make audience feel happy and interested with it.The program which I most like is morning program called “trolling you (wan o net)”. Then the radio announcer who I most like is Ah Yon and Ah Jack.

The radio announcer of “trolling you” is also announce by Ah Yon and Ah Jack. They are very creative, talented and funny, their partnership is very good. “Trolling you” is a program that a person is register a form and fill the information on one FM website, then the radio announcer will choose one of them to play the person that designation to play. The radio announcer will calling to that person and keep saying something to play him.When I listen to this program will make me feel good and laugh out loud. The second program that I like is afternoon program called “top 20”.

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Because the Ads will playing all the top 20 song and playing the currently new song. So, I can know what is the currently new song from the afternoon program section and what song on the top 20. This “top 20” is three hour program, I can enjoy the music in this three hour. This afternoon program also have game show to let audience call in and answer some question and the audience who is answer correct, then can win prize.In my opinion, I think late evening program can add some funny show or funny layette and I would cut off all the advertising on this late evening program. Because nowadays radio program always broadcast music, talk show and too much advertising, it will make audience feel bored and impatient when waiting for the advertising end. Sometime they will also turn to another radio station, it’s because advertising too long. Thus, we may broadcast some funny show or platelet without advertising to make audience laugh and make them happy.

If I was given a chance, I think I will take up morning program and I will make the morning program be more retentive, fresh and funny, won’t make the audience feel boring when listen it. Because many office workers will going to work early in the morning, they was very tired to drive or sit ALERT to work, then they can listen the morning program to relax and entertain themselves. So, they have a good mood going to work. One FM really is the best radio station for me. I hope I can be the Ads of one FM in future.

I will bring the happiness and fun for all the audience too. (512 words) objective and positioning of commercial By lealer