Occidental utilizes classroom-based preparing, contextual investigations, recordings, reenactments,

Occidental endeavors to give representatives of all levels with accessto instruction and preparing materials to upgrade their skill.

Our learning administrationframework tracks and tracks aptitudes, wellbeing, condition and security (HES),business and other self-awareness for production line, field and care staff. In2015, more than 417,000 preparing records were finished over the organization, witha normal of 42 hours of preparing per representative . A.    Foundations of Management (FOM) – A four-day coursedesigned to help newly promoted managers turn to leadership roles. The FOMoffers leadership skills such as coaching, motivation, influence,communication, and providing participants with information on compliance,finance, human resources and a wide range of Occidental business outlines.Sessions are interactive and give participants time to network with each otherand spend time with senior leadership.B.     Administration Technology Workshop – Occidental offers an assortment of workshops wentfor enhancing authority abilities for all levels of administration.

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Theworkshop utilizes classroom-based preparing, contextual investigations,recordings, reenactments, activities, and genuine applications. Notwithstandingimproving worker administration, this workshop expands peer learning andsystems administration chances to other Western initiative.C.     Worker Open Registration Process – Various on the web and educator drove courses areaccessible to create abilities and learning for all levels of staff. Testcourses incorporate section to the oil business, introduction abilities, basicinterchanges, and prioritization. D.    Women in the Occidental Network (WON)advancement session – WON individuals are given a progressionof improvement sessions. The 2015 subject included Vicki Hollub’s keynote and areview of intergovernmental connections and monetary capacities.

E.     ECN (Early Career Network) – ECN’s main goal is to create, motivate and joinOccidental pioneers later on. In 2015, ECN recognized a few systemsadministration sessions and gatherings with different corporate pioneers toperceive how authority aptitudes and positive results influence fruitfulresults. F.

      Guide Program – Occidental gives coaching to workers who will profitby extra specialized or useful ability to address the difficulties looked innew parts