Of mice and men literary analysis

The characters talked about all have something in common, they contain a lack of confidence from something they cannot change. These characters feel that this external limitation of theirs will keep them from surviving the depression.

Crooks, the stableman, was seen as the guy that kept to himself, not all because of the people around him terrorized for him being black. But because he beat himself down because he was black. Crooks thought of himself a Just, “This is just a Niger talking’, a busted-back Niger. “(69) Which shows in his case a lack of confidence.

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He believes, “l seen hundreds of men come by on the road an’ on the ranches, with their bindle’s on their back an’ that same damn thing in their heads. “(72) Which condescends himself. “Nobody never gets to heaven, and nobody gets no land.It’s lust In their head. (72) He shows no sensitivity, he shows a man that can’t evade the depression, it takes everybody and nobody can get get out of it.

They are stuck and there is no dream. Until George and Candy enters his barn and knock humanity into him, and some imagination to show him there is hope for everyone all you need is the determination which is what Crooks needs. In the depression it was hard for old citizens to live through the depression with a Job and home to come home to everyday. They were seen as weak. For Candy he knew this.He believed since the men shot his old dog he would end up Just Like his go.

Old to the point where they wanted to get rid of him, to the point where he wasn’t needed anymore. “No, I couldn’t’ do that. I had ‘I’m too long. “(44) In opinion, this quote showed that he saw his old dog as himself, week and old. Candy feels even worse about himself considering he is missing a hand. He shows a need of being needed, In his condition he feels worthless. Again the American Dream can lift up someone so broken down, “l Alan much good with only one hand.

(58) In this dream he saw himself being able to do something for people, providing for them. He wanted to be rejuvenated, but knows something like that is irreversible. The life for a women during the depression was a difficult time, many were not able to do hard working labor and actually receive a good amount of money. The easiest way to solve a women’s struggle during the depression was to get married.

In that time period men could do almost all Jobs and receive a good pay. Life for Curlers Wife was tough she felt she had an opportunity to become an actor with her beauty she felt she could succeed.There is no proof she was actually given an opportunity y famous people to become an actor, but that was her American Dream. In the end en 010 want any toner women would 00. “So I marled curler.

Met ml out to ten Riverside Dance Palace that same night. “(86) She got married, to Curler, ‘Well, I anti told this to nobody before. Maybe I oughtn’t to. I don’ like Curler. He anti a nice fell. ” (86) This quote proves she never liked Curler in the first place, and she only married him to not end up caught in the depression living on the streets starving.

Instead she is able to eat and live on a farm with people who work for her.Though he lost her American Dream earlier than the others she was able to evade the depression doing something she didn’t, supposedly, want to do, but was killed by Leonie. The American Dream is definitely for everyone, they have it, want it, and can reach it if they have determination to conquer it. Every American Dream is convoluted no matter how big or small, it’s a personal challenge for everybody. It only depends if you work hard to receive that American Dream.

To receive it, hard work is a big step to get there and the determination to want the American Dream is already there, it depends on the will to fight for for it.