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Of course good attitude and efficient learning is important, but not as much as changes in behavior. And it is not that easy and fast thing to evaluate, it can take time and different situations to show up, therefore ordinary questions and feedback shits will not work in this purpose. It is crucial to understand that the main thing which we are waiting from a particular training program is to get desirable impact on the company’s outcome. The easiest way to measure its effectiveness is to simply look to key performance indicators. For example, if the team which attended training showing much better results that he one which didn’t attend it is clear indicator of trainings effectiveness.

Nevertheless, if the big amount of people being examined it’s hard to find out if improvement happened because of the training program or because of some unrelated factors. RetentionIf TB wants to measure their retention level, they should firstly identify their employees’ turnover:Ø  Voluntary and involuntary Ø  Because to retirement Ø  Because of other works Ø  Because of the promotionØ  Employees recognized as an important to the industry due to their skills or potential Ø  Depending on the company’s level: entry level, individual contributor, supervisor / manager, executive, senior executive etc.Ø  New or old employees These indicators are just a few out of dozen which may help TB to find out why and exactly where their biggest retention problem lies in. To collect necessary information about problem it is crucial first to find the essence of it.

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One of the easiest ways to identify this info is to take into account TB’s two to six factors using its descriptions on the forms required to process an employee exit. This requires the manager to provide this information in order to complete their responsibilities. It will be much harder to gather once the person has left or the final pay check has been written.

Your three to five factors, once tracked and used to calculate your scores, will start to show you the pattern of retention within your organization. However, they will not answer the crucial question of why these patterns exist. This is best done through employee survey questions or effective anonymous exit interviews. This combination of