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Of course my friend all often experience a car that suddenly backed up on the way up the road a bit uphill ya buddy. In addition to causing a sense of was – was on us, will also cause concern on the passengers that we are carrying ya buddy, because obviously the conditions on the streets are very vulnerable or prone to accidents.1. Power / PowerA strong type of car on a hill is one that has power. Power or power on a car or car engine has a unit with the name of Horse Power (HP), although actually not a major factor in the machine, but the magnitude of this Horse Power will be felt at the time we do acceleration in the steep streets or streets.Usually a car with a weight of 1000 kg, should have Tenaha Horse Power above 100 HP, it aims to keep your mobl performance remains strong at the time will climb up the road. For that should do horse pageriksaan Horse your first new trip this hill ya buddy, so as not to cause problems later.2. Size of Tire Diameter / WheelThe strong type of car on the second hill is the exact diameter. You need to know, that the smaller the diameter of the tire or wheels the more will be stronger strength to climb, but sebakiknya the greater the diameter of tires or wheels of your car eat the tire power will become weak when climbing the streets.Usually the ability to climb based on the large and small diameter (fingers) of the wheel or tire is inversely proportional to the top speed of your car, because the larger the diameter of the wheel will be the greater the top speed or maximum speed generated your car.Conversely, the smaller the wheels of your car the harder it will be for the wheel to go faster. So depending on your choice yes buddy, whether you want to go fast or can walk on the streets incline, you should adjust to your needs just ya buddy.3. Gear Ratio CarGear ratio in your car is a comparison between the number of rear teeth with the front teeth. Just like the system on the motor, the car also has a gear although it is different from the motor. For the motor, if the gear at the back of the larger, the more lightly on the ramp, as with the bigger the car gear the back then tarikannya to menajak will be good semain.7. Treatment FactorsThe type of car that is strong on the last climb is the maintenance is done regularly. No matter how good your car is, you should keep doing it regularly. this is to know the condition ter update your car, for the performance of your car is always well preserved.Okay buddy so that the first information that the author can share about the kind of strong car on the hill this time, hopefully useful information for all buddies. Thanks for taking the time to read this article. See you next time. Warm greetings and keep the spirit.