On and labs & her approach to deal

college/professor letterhead



Date: 26/01/2018

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of Recommendation


Dear Graduate Admission Committee,


feel delighted to pen down this letter of recommendation for Supriya Navale who
was my one of bright & promising students. I have known her for three years
of her undergraduate program in Biomedical Engineering. I have taught her the
subjects such as Biomedical Microsystems and Biomedical Instrumentation. Being
a professor and former head of the department, I had an opportunity to assess
her commitment and enthusiasm towards her studies.


the beginning, I have witnessed her perseverance in keeping herself at the top
in academic. With her diligence, she managed to be among top 10 students in
every semester exam. Her ability to put in her very best makes her an exemplary
student. She was extremely conscientious about attending class and labs &
her approach to deal with assignments in a systematic way was quite
encouraging. I could see her efforts by observing her detailed and
well-researched assignments. No doubt that She was adept at preparing her own
notes to form lectures and other resources such as reference books &
internet which was praised by her other peers and juniors too.


from academics, Supriya has also explored herself in co and extra-curricular
activities. She was a member of BMESI (Biomedical Engineering Society of India)
committee under event management area. Her communication & co-ordination
skills are commendable. I can affirm that she had honed high degree of maturity
in her perception. Also, she was involved not only in organizing events but she
also showed her keen interest in creative crafts work. I could also note her
zealous participation in various industrial visits and seminars.


addition to above, Supriya is credited with an amiable & cheerful
countenance which reflects her warm-hearted nature. In my opinion, she exhibits
adroit & dynamic personality. Industriousness and seriousness speak for
her. I am certain that she will contribute in the area of science and
technology in the benefit of society. I wholeheartedly recommend her for
graduate studies at your university to enrich her growth at a global platform.




Gajanan  D. Nagare, Ph.D. (IIT, Bombay)

& Former head

Department of Biomedical Engineering

Vidyalankar Institute of Technology, Mumbai

Email Id: [email protected]