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On April 3, 1973, the first mobile phone placed a historic call. This was the first time that anyone had been able to make a call without being tethered to a cord, and it ushered in a new age of technology. The first commercial cell phones soon followed, but they were expensive and large.

Through the years phones have become smaller, making them more portable. New features started appearing along with the decreased sizes. These features included text messaging, built in cameras, and eventually the invention of the first “smartphone”, a phone that could act as a music player, camera, phone, and more all in one device. In today’s world  In the 45 years since the first cell phone call, cell phones have gone from a technological marvel to an object that millions have with them every second of the day. The main demographic of cell phone users are teenagers. Because over seventy percent of teens own cell phones and half of all teens feel addicted to their phones, parents along with their teenagers need to set cell phone usage boundaries to reduce the negative effects of cell phone usage, including increased anxiety and stress (Lake Research Partners, 2016).There are varying definitions of the word addiction in modern society. Many people will claim that they are addicted to a certain substance or activity on the grounds that they highly enjoy it.

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For example, a person who enjoys eating bananas as a part of their breakfast may say that they are addicted to bananas because of their strong affinity for the fruit. However, this would not be classified as an addiction. An addiction is much more serious than simply just having a strong affinity for bananas. An addiction is classified as a compulsion to do something that is habit forming and that the user knows is harmful.

In the case of the person who likes bananas, the person is able to not eat bananas for a certain period and still be psychologically fine. A person who is addicted to bananas would have to constantly eat bananas, even if they got to the point of being physically ill because of their banana eating addiction. If they stopped eating bananas they could become psychologically distressed from the lack of banana eating. The same concept applies to cell phone usage.Stress and anxietyMillions of people use their cell phones every day.