On what I would do and how I

On 23-10-2014, at 8.00 p.m sharp. My father has died.Surely, I was shocked and could not believe it; I did not know what I would do and how I would live.  Also, he was the only one who took care of me. I used to be that little girl never-mind about anything because  her father was always her all the time and she was him. I thought that he will be with me forever, but I lost my hope.  I Lost my beloved father. In that time, I went through a depression,  and I got low scours in my third term in high school.      6-month later, I felt Heavy, couldn’t take my breath very well, and found my breast was changed and looked extremely large.I was shocked again, and feel scared! Then, I decided to go to the doctor without telling anyone about it . The doctor has been surprised because I’m totally alone,he did not know what to say, But at the end, he told me ” I am sorry, You have a tumor in both breast, it is 3.5 inch in each one, and you should do a surgery, as fast as you can”.I returned to my home and told my mother.In fact, within one week I did the surgery,but the thing never expected, that tumor came back, After three weeks. That time, I understood it is a part of me !       I always believe that my God sends me hidden messages in the form of the quote, “life is not easy for any of us. But what of that? We must have perseverance and above all confidence in ourselves, we must believe that we are gifted for something and that this thing must be attained” Marie Curie.I realized the real meaning of life with the challenge I went through and by this quote.I’ve received another message quote ” what does not kill you makes you stronger”.      In that moment, I have been decided to Accept my lost, and my new part of my body.  And take them as a turning point in my life to keep forward. Actually, I started to grab my dreams, and never ever let them go again. I started applying for, a scholarship in my country called “Access Microship-English program” to improve my English language skill and I have been accepted. Along with English, I learned presentation skills. For example, how to use body language during presentations and how to make eye-contact. That helped me when I was chosen to give a presentation to the new students applying for the same scholarship. This scholarship motivated me to apply for the Access pipeline scholarship.I applied for it in order to further develop myself. In the pipeline, I was prepared to take the SAT and TOEFL IBT tests. and all my perspectives had changed during this program. My aspirations also became very clear to me. Furthermore, I’ve been chosen to take part in a camp in Georgia in the USA that completely changes my life.In this camp, I attended leadership skills conferences and was challenged to become even more self-confident. Also, I communicated with people from other cities with different customs. , Moreover,  during last two year,I joined 7 volunteering activities with different positions, most of them were about empowering youth to participate more in the society and to be effective leaders.      Finally, without this two challenges, I wouldn’t be able to be what I am today.  I did not realize the amount of strength I had inside me. The most important thing that I have learned from my challenges was I can keep going and never give up. Although if there is something missing in my heart, I can come over it. I have gained various skills from these situations that will help me to adapt  different surroundings and to realize all my goals.