Once not.I asked who are you.He said I

                    Once upon a Time     I was walking on the beautiful seashore when I thought I broke my nail.

l landed upon a bottle It looked like it was in the sea for weeks.I saw the seaweed covered it all over.I tried to pop it open but it wouldn’t budge.

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I finally opened it I fell to the ground all this dust came out and a genie and he told me  ´´I am your command´´.I was so confused I was not sure if i was dreaming or not.I asked who are you.He said I am your genie.If your a genie then prove it.Fine i will ask you 3 wishes not 4 not 5 , 3 wishes.I wish I had my own house, no no a castle.aawww what just  happened this person that had a suit and tie on he said you late for your lunch with the queen of england.I was confused in a very difficult way.They said come on we must get you to the dresser to get you dressed up.I just followed.The person said come on come on it’s like you were never in the castle before.I was  in the room they dressed me in a outfit that was so poofy and long.That it dragged on the floor.I went outside in the garden and I didn´t know if I was dreaming or sleeping or if the genie was real.I sat down when I looked up I saw a beautiful lady right in front of me.She asked have you doing anything over the weekend.I did not know what to say.I went on walk in the park with my dog name fuzzy.I did not think that she would believe it but she did.I did not know how much longer I could have last then after that they brought me back to the office.Then I saw my name was on it Jenny M.I did not know what think of they gave me so many papers on my desk.I was loving being queen.But all I had to do on these papers was sign my name on it.After signing 100 pieces of paper then I had to go to the throne room.I thought the day was over but I was okay with that.So then I got the new dress on.It just started and it was good they were bringing in the deserts.I saw chocolate fountain,brownies,cake ,and best of all marshmallows.Know I was ready to get my deserts.But suddenly I see all these fancy people coming in with big poofy dresses.I was wondering what are we celebrating?I thought really hard suddenly I saw birthday signs.Creepy thing they say my name.The thing about the birthday thing is that I just had my birthday party last weekend.I’m on my 2 wish,I wish to go home with my family.Then Suddenly I went into a portal and then when I landed it did not feel like home.It looked like it was blown up.But then I heard marching  then in the foggy, sandy ,air I saw they were people.Suddenly I new what it was this time the same place was the civil war.I wish to go home where I found this bottle!3 wish went bye.The portal.Awww!! I came back it looked normal the sandy beach,ocean,and the bottle I left on the sand.I thought it was over,Then the genie showed up.Genie said did you have what you wantedThen I tried to reach the bottle.And I put my fingertips on it.I got a hold of the bottle.Yes!The genie tried running but then I opened it and then he got sucked in the bottle.Know it was finally over.It was over but where was my family.Then I see my mom and my little sister.I did not tell them anything because they probably think it was one of my stories.They said where were you we were looking all over.The only question I could not answer was were did the genie bottle go?                            The                   End