One abused by anyone no matter what since

One global issue that is important to me is abuse. I am talking about abuse sexual, emotional, and physical abuse. I personally think this is a very serious and dangerous topic. So many people are abused every single day and it isn’t fair. None of these people deserve to be abused by anyone no matter what since they’ve really done nothing wrong to the person who is committing the act. It is sad to know that so many young children and even teens have to experience this whether its they themselves that have experienced this or that they have had to watch their parent or someone they care about get abused. It’s also sad for the adults knowing that they themselves as well have been abused or they have to see their children that have been abused suffer. Being abused is a hard thing because these people have a hard time recovering from the damage it has created to them. These people who are abused in any way usually end up having long and short term problems and feel like they can’t trust anyone and go through depression. These people also experience anxiety and stress and have a constant fear of it happening again. They have a hard time speaking about what happened to them and feel ashamed and guilty which is horrible. The people who are abused most likely never end up the same after the abuse has happened because of how traumatic it is. I think it is just awful that these people are being blackmailed and so badly treated by other human beings and no one deserves this. It’s sad to know that people who are being abused are scared to speak up since this other person is using things against them. These people are silenced and have most likely done nothing wrong which is the worst part. It is horrible knowing that there are people in this world that actually do this and that there are people that have to go through this and are constantly fighting to get out of it. Although I have never known anyone who has experienced this, it is important to me because it such a sad feeling that people have to live through this when they have done almost nothing wrong. These people are constantly suffering and it is sad to know they have a hard time speaking up to someone which is why it is hard to help someone who is going through this. It’s important because it is a problem that has been going on for ages and that the people who end up getting abused are the ones who least deserve it out of anyone. This problem is a such a big problem that is very hard to stop. The most that has happened to try to stop this is people speaking up. But it must be hard for anyone who is going through this to tell the abuser to stop without there being a consequence. These people are being blackmailed and the reason they are being abused is because they want to protect what they care about if they are being blackmailed. Even if they aren’t being blackmailed, it comes to a point where they are to scared to stand up for themselves beaches they don’t want to know what will happen if they do. This is a serious problem that needs to be stopped or at least somewhat fixed especially since it happens to so many and they don’t deserve to be treated this way, no human should. This is important because  it is happening everyday somewhere and these people being abused are not able to stick up for themselves and protect themselves in any way.