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One out of every five students in universities and colleges all around the United States of America have been sexually assaulted during their time on school campuses. Not only are campus sexual assaults a problem in our nation, but it is also a problem worldwide. Although many people, along with myself, want sexual assaults on campus to become terminal, the process may be difficult and might not be done. Students and faculty members of universities should become more aware of campus sexual assaults. Essential information such as the effects that impact the victim of sexual assault, factors that can possibly lead to sexual assaults, and changes that students and academics can begin to do so to prevent the problem from occurring. Many college students are unaware that a simple, most innocent decision can drastically influence their life and future decisions. Many high school graduates planning to attend college most likely believe that it is necessary for them to have the “ultimate college experience,” which at the same time, is not the worst idea. The issue with their new experience is that it definitely means students will be partying along with the consumption of alcohol. The path to partying with alcoholism are fraternity and sorority house parties. Fraternities are very well known for their hardcore partying, which they take pride for since it makes the house reputation more popular. Attending and taking part in fraternity parties is not a horrible decision, but being cautious of their surroundings should be kept in mind. As students are having the time of their lives at these parties, they might not know what is going on in their cup. According to The Washington Post’s, Emma Brown’s interview with Stuart Dunnings III, a county prosecutor from Michigan State University said, alcohol is know as a date rape drug. A date rape drug is a road that will lead you to someone forcing themselves on you. An additional factor consist of “spiking” your drink, which is slang for when someone you know or even a complete stranger simply sneaks a drug or stronger liquor in your cup. You unknowingly will consume your drink and it will speed up the process of becoming drunk. It will make you involuntary of your actions and might even make you forget what had happened.  Countless amount of cases get reported to the police that involve the penetration of a person without their consent. In most of those cases, the university will do anything in its power to shut the investigation down, because it will ruin the university’s reputation. Universities and colleges should do every possible thing to stand beside a student who was wrongfully taken advantage of. During investigations, police departments have standards in which they basically approve evidence. Currently, the require proof standard is quite high and needs to be decreased. The fact that police departments and investigators need a large amount of proof is absurd. The required amount of proof standard doubtlessly needs to be reduced.  After an investigation has took place and the assailant is found guilty, the police department along with the school should take action. Police departments should punish the person found guilty with punishments under law enforcement. The school can begin by banning the student from the campus. I do not think that the person should have his education privilege taken away because that would be unethical to deny them their education. If the person wishes to continue an educational career, they should be restricted to pursuing it by taking online classes only. During the month of January in 2015, there was a campus sexual assault case from Stanford University on the news and it became popular. A girl was raped by a complete stranger near a dumpster after a party she attended with her friends. The survivor was lying half-naked unconsciously, found by two Stanford University students who were riding their bikes. Two months later after the sexual assault took place, a former Stanford University swimmer Brock Turner was convicted of not one but three counts of sexual assault. The original punishment was fourteen years in a maximum security state prison, but instead was sentence to only six months worth of jail time along with probation. The “Stanford Sexual Assault” case, as I called, really made an impact on me. As a Hispanic person, it made me realize that race in involved with almost anything. Brock Turner only served six out of the one hundred and sixty-four months he should have served in a state prison since he was a white American. I find that quite unfair and I believe that if a person of color did what Turner did, the person of race would have been charged the fourteen years. Superiors should not have to change the true punishment of a person just because of their racial profile, if someone is found guilty, they should face the consequences. There is no way of predicting if and how an awful, devastating experience can impact and change you. Whether it is emotionally, physically, mentally, or even academically, some sort of change can result after a traumatizing incident. After a sexual assault, the victim is exposed to dark thoughts that can lead to depression. Depression by itself is a very serious situation because it can escalate to a bad ending. By bad ending I mean that there is a chance that suicidal thoughts can take over their mind. A second mental effect that sexual assault can cause on a person is post-traumatic stress disorder, otherwise known as PTSD. The effects of post-traumatic stress disorder consist of re-experiencing episodes of the trauma. As I mentioned  before, sexual assault can mentally affect the victim.   Not only does it affect your mental state, but it can create other health problems. For instance, it affects their blood pressure by developing  high blood pressure. Having high blood pressure can be extremely dangerous due to the increased chances of having other cardiovascular problems. Physical aches can also be an effect of sexual assault. The anxiety of overthinking the situation causes muscle and bone pains. Their sleeping schedule is greatly distressed due to the lack of sleep the person gets. Sleeping problems are also a result of stress and anxiety that makes it difficult for them to get rest or sleep. Grades and school life is challenged by, again stress, anxiety, and overthinking. A college student was sexually attacked on school grounds and her grades decreased instantly. Every student carries the weird of their grades and failing courses puts a lot more pressure on them. Many students have very high standards on their academic goals and when they notice they are beginning to fail a class, it sure scares them. Although the majority of universities try to shut down sexual assault cases, some have their own way of solving or trying to prevent sexual assault on campuses. Whether schools have their own policies or rules, something needs to change. New rules need to be enforced on partying with the company of alcohol. Rules such as requiring fraternities or any club for that matter, to request permission from the school itself to throw the party with the involvement of any alcohol substance. The maximum guest number without the approval of the school should strictly be no more than fifteen people. Consequences, like taking away partying privileges  should be taken into consideration, owning to the fact that the policy ignored or broken. A handful of colleges have student-surveys that students take which allows experts to determine in any case the school is safe. The results show polls of students’ experiences on the campus. In my opinion, these surveys should be taken by students more often, for example, every semester or at least twice in one school year. Students taking surveys more often than usual can ensure more security and can help determine if the school is doing their job in protecting the students. At the beginning of each semester, schools should require students and staff to take a mandatory online course that educates facts about sexual violence, how to identify and respond to it. The online course would only be for a certain amount of time, probably about two to three weeks worth of information.  While everyone wants justice for being raped on university campuses, there are a small amount of people who are willing to cry wolf. I am all for believing a person who claims they have been sexually abused, but as I stated before, there are people capable of wrongfully accusing others of committing the serious crime. There are cases with students who claim they have been sexually assaulted by certain people, only to find out that they had been lying to get back at that person. In my opinion, I think that it is ludicrous of people to make such accusations of rape violence. Sexual violence is a very serious problem that can happen to anyone. A certain scenario comes to my mind when I think about a situation like this. The scenario I automatically think about goes like this: a girl or boy gets dumped by his or her lover and becomes furious. The person who just got dumped could have the capability and audacity to blame their ex lover for sexually assaulting them.   Although the possibility of someone wrongfully accusing someone else for sexual violence is much less than an accurate one, the situation can occur. I believe that there is a greater chance for a female accusing someone of sexual assault with inaccurate information. It may be wrong of generalizing women for unethical behavior toward wrongly accusing others of sexual assault. In my experience as a female, when something threatens or makes me incredibly mad, I sort of become vengeful. It makes me want them to feel what I am feeling. My personal encounters with my inner rage makes me believe that women are more likely to falsely incriminate an innocent person of rape.  Effects that impact a sexual assault victim, characteristics that influence sexual violence on campus, and ways to try to prevent sexual assault from occurring on campus are essential information that students and staff members need to be aware of. Despite the fact that the students are experiencing the adventurous “college life,” it is a necessity to become familiar with the risks they are taking when a night out with friends turns into their worst nightmare. Students might be very excited about their new chapter in life, but they should be completely aware of their actions and surroundings. I believe that sexual assault on campus needs to come to and end, and they way I would plan to solve the problem is by requiring schools to create or adopt special laws that revolve around the dilemma.