Only a Life Can Give a Life

Today, (March 4/16) when the sun is bidding goodbye, when Im enjoying my evening walk pretending that its spring and cold and secretly giggling at the thought that someday I would meet my soulmate πŸ˜€ I witnessed something horrible and honest. The creation is displaying honesty and Truth in its simplest but ruthless form.

Hey bro, mailing you this thoughtful write up. Have a read, hope it will edify and enrich your understanding of the divine. Inspired from creation. I truly believe that tangible creation displays honesty and holds greatest Truth’s about the intangible celestial. I saw few people chasing down a pig to sustain their puny lives. First I thought like everybody and concluded how pitiful their life’s are.

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But when my conscience called and questioned me to redraw my conclusions I took it seriously this time. I thought of the alchemist. Then I carefully started to observe the plot of the Grand weaver The pitiful pig was screaming its heart out with pain as they are chopping it body ruthlessly. Something so precious and important is being taken away from this little creature, its Life and it’s the most painful final moment in anybody’s life I thought to myself. I wondered what words would come out of its big mouth if it had a native tongue. Please don’t kill me sir? I’ll do whatever you want me to do? I have children back at home nearby waiting for me with unending love?! Or please sir leave my body and just take away my legs and leave me with my kids? Or take care of my family and husband? The bound pig lay at the mercy of merciless people. His eyes pleaded for one chance to live, one chance to turn his life around.

His life flashed before his eyes, his memories beseeched him, his dreams played in his mind and he yearned to live. The yearning was never more greater to him than at this moment when his life was hanging by a precarious thread. ‘If only’, he thought, ‘if only people could be merciful, my life could have anothe…