Operating our computers that can infect our system.[G7]

Operating Systems are different in terms of being used on the daily basis. We use it in work, while studying, playing games, even in our cars GPS is the type of Operating System. But we are going mainly focus on Basic types of systems.

Firstly, we going to look at the Open Source and Closed Source Software.G1 G2 The difference between them is that for the closed source you need to pay, and Open source software is a free to use the software. Both software has some advantages and disadvantages.G3 G4 G5 G6 We must look at various operating systems and their capabilities to know which program is made for a human being and if it’s secure. Security plays a big role in this subject and it’s very important to know how to secure our computers that can infect our system.G7 G8 The system itself is a program, programmed by hi-tech companies and their role is to interact with our beings when we want to perform a various task that makes life easier.G9 G10 G11 G12 G13 G14     1  Lit review Firstly, we will be looking at Open Source Software. This includes softwares like Linux, Mozilla Firefox, and Ubuntu.

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Open Source Software means that people can modify and share the software without any restrictions as Open Source Software’s are publicly accessible. According to opensource.com the term originated regards to software development and to designate the main approach to creating computer programs G15 (OpenSource, 2017), Today, however, the term of the “open source” setting a broader set of values that includes product, rapid prototyping, open exchange, transparency. What is an open source software you will ask? Open Source Software is a software with the source code that anyone can change, inspect or enhance. The “source code” is the part of the software that basic users don’t have a chance to see; it is G16 the code only computer programmers can get into and modify a piece of software, and how it works. You can manipulate and change the part of “application” or “program”.

That way programmer could improve or fix the issues found in the system by adding features, applying different kinds of task that will give the software always fresh look G17 (OpenSource, 2017). G18 So that’s it, the basic understanding what I open source software is that is free and free to change, you won’t get into trouble for G19 playing around with source code. Closed Source software, on the other hand, is different.

We can’t go and ask the publisher to make changes to the software. That’s probably because we aren’t allowed to share the source code with no one. If you’re using right now a closed source software any changes could be done to the system without the knowledge of the user. The company have strict terms and condition and won’t make you use the software only if you will accept those terms. The software is protected by copyright laws and misusing or sharing the software can lead to cyber-crime. Most popular example of closed software is Windows by Microsoft (Siddique, 2016).

 2 Research MethodsThe research method used in this essay is the Quantitative research and trying to collect data through the survey. It was first attempt to collect data like this which various people were involved in this. I tried to focus mainly on 2 of each Open vs closed source software.

I choose Microsoft and iOS which are closed source software’s and Linux as well as Ubuntu. The main purpose of this survey was to collect answers from people, which Operating system they would go with, of course, they weren’t labeled as Open Source, Closed Source to get the result at the end.  The survey consisted of 4 questions each of the 4 answers. Purpose of the survey was that to know which software is chosen by basic users, which they think was most secured one and get the result at the end. G20 G21 The data gathered through the survey will give a view which software is more likely the best for users.G22 G23 G24 G25 The questions itself were very easy to indicate and were easy to answer to. For example, the question sounding like this; Which Operating System you use on daily basis? Questions contained some simple boxes and I asked my friends on Facebook (Facebook, 2017) to answer to these questions, most of them were busy but I waited and gain 18 voters that answered these questions.

This will show how many percents of people prefer the software or maybe they choose the most known software. That way we can tell what the best is andG26  prefer by most people.According to SmartSurvey, the purpose of the survey is to get real-time results for quick and easy analysisG27  (SmartSurvey, 2017).      3Results The results were easy to think of because we know what is common software used by us in our everyday life, hoping to solve the research question and the objectives that are written at the beginning.G28 G29 G30 First, we are going to be looking at the security of the software’s (Microsoft, iOS, Ubuntu, Linux), which people think is most secured one. Questionnaire stated “*which operating system you think is more secure?” the result was expected to be that Linux and iOS is the most secure one based on my knowledge from University.

  The table showed that on Windows voted 8 of 18 people, Linux and iOS 4 of 18 people, on Ubuntu only 2 voters. My guess is that people guessed the answer but did not analyze the main source of the question.G31 G32 G33 The second question was G34 simpler, it was mainly focused which Operating System the users choose on daily basis. This question showed which one is more popular in the user community. 72% of voters vote on Microsoft Windows. Apple product was selected by 17% of users, Ubuntu and Linux were only used by 2 persons from 18 that picked open source software.

That’s showing that users using-   G35 G36 4                                                                                                                                        -mainstream software. Windows and Apple are the most usable software’s out available for customers. The success of Windows and Apple owes to good marketing and good system management. That’s why people getting more of these products.G37     The third question was about knowledge of the user about which software they heard most aboutG38  and if they have an idea of how to use it.

From those 4-options respondents had a chance to pick one of those options and give a light on which OS is more popular.G39 G40 G41  Again, Windows was a leader. This software integrated with us from long past, from Windows 95 to this day which we have Windows 10.     5 The last question in the survey was about the G42 preferences of the users and likeness to the software. The question says, “Choose which Operating System you will use in the next months?”, in that case, G43 respondent could choose multiple answers. Still, the survey received 18 votes. From the observationG44 G45 , people would go with Apple products most, and to the amazement, they would go with Linux. Consumers would try something new to their experience, so they going to be using new software as for them.

G46 G47 G48 G49 G50 G51            6Discussion Windows is the most popular and most chosen software in the computer world. In the first question, expectations were that Linux and iOS are going to be leading answers, but users picked Windows most, that is reasonable because individuals were mostly using Microsoft Windows through theG52 G53 ir lifetime, but does not exactly know if their systems are specifically safe enough. I believe that iOS and Linux are pioneers of the consumer rights, and they are putting security on the pedestal as a priority. In the second question, my expectations were without a change. I knew from the beginning that majority of the users are expecting to use more Windows-based software rather than rest of them. From the personal experience I always used windows because Apple products were too expensive, and the interface of iOS didn’t meet my needs.

Same for users, they rather go with Windows instead of Apple. From my observation of the survey, we can tell that Open Source Software isn’t that usable as their competitionG54 G55 G56 G57 G58 . They are not properly mediated and are not contributed on the big scale. That doesn’t mean they are worse than the software’s from big publishers. Consumers went for the most known and most common software because if we aren’t introduced to software we would go with the most common one. Most of the users were curious about a new software so their pick was to try out the Linux and iOS more. G59 G60 G61 I can draw conclusions from this, which people are switching on to different software because they are bored of the Windows day by day and they are looking for a fresh look on their desktop.G62 G63 G64 G65 G66 G67 G68     7 Conclusion                                                                            So, from all the data gathered from the result, we can write that most user- friendly software is Windows because it G69 G70 was with us from the day we get our first computers.

G71  The quantity played a big role and that’s why users stayed with Windows. The key differences between Open vs Closed source software were the changes you could apply in the source code of the Open G72 sourceG73  software + the Open source software come with the free download, for Closed Source you will have to pay to avoid the copied version of the software. Security in the Open source G74 software is higher than in the closed source software forasmuch many more eyes are looking to fix the issue found in the system and could fix the problem. Open sourceG75  is quicker with releasing patches and new versions than the commercial software. So basically, there is a lot of advantage that open source has but we still would go with the commercial software’s because they are more ”known”.

G76 G77 G78 G79 G80