Oprah Winfrey Essay

Have you ever wondered how certain people achieve great success while others fall short? Are these successful people necessarily luckier or are there many factors that contribute to their success? To me, Opera Wineries famous quote says it best, ;Luck Is a matter of preparation meeting opportunity’. The speaker is trying to convey that people must work extremely hard and prepare thoroughly in order to gain the opportunities and experience that Is needed to thrive In life and not Just depend on good luck’.I absolutely agree with her views on achieving success In that hard work, dedication and maintaining a positive attitude are all vital components In becoming successful. Often time’s people who have experienced failures and are believed to be unlucky by others have not been consistent with their efforts, which In turn dollish their motivation and drive to succeed. I believe we are able to make our own luck by preparing and training ourselves as best as possible, so that when future opportunities arise we are able to recognize them and take full advantage of each en.Opera Winfred is a great example of someone who experienced many failures before she was finally recognized.

She used these hard times to gain experience in her field and never let her harsh critics diminish her motivation. Being well- prepared will always be beneficial rather than detrimental to our own success. It increases the probability in achieving your goals. For example, Opera Winfred worked for many television and radio stations knowing her ultimate dream was to become a T. V. Talk show host.While she didn’t prefer these entry-level positions, she also knew what was needed to work her way up to her ideal dream Job.

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These early opportunities benefited her because she learned a great deal about the industry she was interested in and gained the necessary experience to further her career. I believe maintaining a positive attitude towards anything we do in life determines our success. Also the intensity of aspiration, our willpower to chase our dreams, our views on the world, and our reaction when opportunities or hardships arise are all beefing factors in whether or not we will lucky in life.Opera experienced many failures and harsh words early on in her career and instead of believing that she would never amount to anything, she used these setbacks as motivation and determination to succeed no matter what. When people expect to be handed everything on a silver platter their efforts that are needed to accomplish anything Is greatly diminished and often times will end up feeling unlucky and discouraged. In inclusion, the above reasons demonstrate how success Is not something you are handed.Hardships will come up at certain points In life but It’s up to you to decide If these difficult times will make you a stronger and wiser person or become discouraged and disheartened by It.

Working extremely hard, being well-prepared, and seizing any opportunity that may be beneficial to you, while malignantly a good attitude are all necessary contributing factors for Opera Wellness success, and they are also the tools that will contribute to our own success.