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One of the more difficult assignments a professor can give at higher levels of education is writing multiple choice questions (MCQs). Although they seem easy to make, these tasks can be over whelming at times, but the benefit of such assignments is that they are worth high grades and can easily help you succeed in the professor’s eyes.

Multiple choice questions are a form of evaluation in which students are asked to create questions with the correct answer (or answers) given out of the choices from a list. The items on the list may not even be questions, they can be incomplete statements, analogies, or mathematical equations. They are a long running tradition in the academic world, appearing on various tests for over 98 years. MCQs could be used to validate continuing education and professional development from simple reading. For as long as there is a need to test knowledge in the assessment of undergraduates multiple choice questions will have a part to play.

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The popularity of multiple choice questions originates from the fact that they can be designed to measure a variety of learning outcomes. People giving MCQs find it easier to score marks, as there is always a correct answer in the options. MCQs are also less time consuming then essay based assessments and therefore can cover a wide range of topics. This format is frequently used in educational testing, market research, elections, and when choosing between multiple options.

If students wish to create stellar multi-choice questions, they will have to include quality assured components and dissolve any misconceptions about their task. High quality MCQs will include multiple other elements such as practical or real world situations (that test general knowledge), diagrams (that can be analyzed and evaluated), quotations taken from newspapers or other published sources (for understanding and evaluation), pictorial materials (that apply principles and concepts) and various charts, tables or figures (that require interpretation).

This task is as hard as it sounds. One small mistake in understanding and your entire MCQ can become degraded. Students who aren’t careful often make the answers easily guessable. In some case they may make the questions too difficult to comprehend. Sometimes it can be difficult to relate the questions to the topic being assessed. In fact, there are multiple ways in which a question can go wrong. On top of that, this task can be very tedious. It takes a great deal of time, skill, and practice to a set of well-recognized rules for item construction to develop a good MCQ item. Going through the material, reading real world manuscripts and literature, breaking down topics to incorporate into MCQ, re-evaluation the MCQ to ensure no mistakes, and so on. Such tasks can have a serious strain on your health as well if too much time is devoted to MCQ research.

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