In schools, for example, they do prohibit smoking but other students smoke especially those college students when Is not seen by public authorities and concerned teachers. I have seen people smoking near gasoline stations. It’s inappropriately But what’s more disgusting are the gasoline boys who have seen it yet hadn’t done anything about it. They must*eve known that smoking is dangerous especially it’s in the station. Every gasoline station must have CATV cameras to properly secure their customers and workers.Hospitals like Metro Vagina Cooperative Hospital and other health facilities strictly prohibit smoking.

It’s proven and Eve observed this. Food stalls does not prohibit smoking because It’s their customers and/or perhaps they do not have knowledge of the ordinance. Section 2 states the designation of smoking and non-smoking areas. Establishments and schools must have a smoking zone and non- smoking area to properly observe orderliness and cleanliness.

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Section 5 states the penalties for violating the ordinance. I haven’t heard so far any complainant or being earned of smoking.One of Its objectives states that the repose of the measure is to provide the maximum number of domesticated animals to be raised by a household in his own backyard and install safety nets to reduce the damaging exposure that goes along with the establishment of pigpens and poultry houses, especially animal feces.

I don’t think every establishment or owner of cattle, pigs and fowls have been provided nets. I think It’s the sole responsibility of the owners to Know teen security AT tenet animals Ana enlargers as well . For commercial raising, there must be a Mayor’s business permit.More often, passengers, travelers and commuters unscrupulously throw their rubbish and other garbage from the insides or windows of public utility vehicles.

This indiscriminate practice should be discouraged. This ordinance requires all public utility vehicles (PUP) to provide trash cans where its passengers may conveniently put and place their waste matters and other garbage. This is being sanitary, clean and well- disciplined.

It lessens scattering/loitering.The Municipal Agriculture Office (MAO) shall provide and distribute seedlings for tree planting activities on this day cared by respective participants/agencies Joining the said activity. It’s a nice decision of having this annual activity for at least a day. It Just means that the people of Bantam especially the politicians and famous personalities have one day to give for Mother Earth.

This is a precious time to be given to our place for man is the master of the world and man must pay also a favor for the goodness of nature. Our natural richness comes from the nature and we must do our Job: to protect not to destroy the goodness of nature.