Organizational Behavior Paper – Football Team

As an Erasmus student, I miss a lot of things of my home country, and one of them is playing football in my town. I miss my football team—both as a sports club and a friendly group.

During this course, I’ve learned many things about organizations, and thanks to these topics, I better understand how my team worked so well. I have to recognize that our team wasn’t the best team player by player but finally we won the league and some tournaments and that’s why some reasons. The first reason I would like to explain is that we had both quite good formal work groups and informal work groups. As a formal group, we had our three captains that always helped the team deciding the best way to play in every match and also helpingthe players in every problem we had.As an informal group, we were more than a football team because every Friday we had dinner together after the training and we created a really good relationship and friendship between all the components of the team.

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This relationship allowed us to play in a better way the matches because we had more reliability between all the players. Another important factor that help us to achieve our goals was to change our trainer and his leadership because he adopt a more personal and active attitude towards the team’s goals than the other trainer. He also created excitement in our work and developed choices that give substance to images that excited people when we were training and he also had empathy with all the staff and players and gave attention to what events and actions mean. I can describe his leadership style as the democratic one because there were a lot of interaction between the trainer, the group of captains and also with the rest of players and staff. He shared his difficult decisions with members of the team such as which strategy we should use if we play against a difficult team, all the team shared their opinion in order to win the match playing our best.

I think…