Our to become toxic. Yuck!So here are some

Our skin is the largest organ of our body. It absorbs what we put on it, from the water we bathe in to the cosmetics and beauty products we lather on our skin. Once the products have been absorbed they enter our blood stream. This means that all the chemicals found in makeup, lotions, scrubs and anything else we like to use ends up in our blood stream, causing our body to become toxic. Yuck!So here are some of the reasons why I like to use natural beauty products. Better For Our BodiesNot only do the chemicals absorb into our blood stream but they can also cause skin irritation. Many people find they have a reaction to certain products when in actual fact they are allergic to the chemicals being used in the product. Natural products are made from plants and minerals found directly from Mother Nature.

They are much gentler and have better results over a long period of time. Other products can actually cause more damage than good. For example many hair care products that claim to give you shine are coating the hair in silicone. Over time this weakens the hair, causing it to split and break.  They Are Eco-FriendlyWe have so many options nowadays so why would you not go for a company that is natural, organic and cruelty free? Think about a body wash with micro beads. Did you know that those beads are made from plastic? Not only are the soapy suds being washed down the drain, so are hundreds of tiny plastic balls.

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Where do they end up? In our ocean! When natural products are farmed and sourced naturally, fewer chemicals are put into the air and ocean.  Better Quality IngredientsThe ingredients used in natural beauty products have huge health benefits. Some of them are: Coconut Oil nourishes and improves the lipid content of skin cells. Berries, Coffee and Green Tea are all antioxidants and improve skin elasticity and diminish fine lines.Shea Butter is moisturizing and has soothing and anti-inflammatory properties.

Essential Oils are known for their healing properties. Essential oils can heal skin conditions, relax the body, reduce cellulite, balance hormones and alleviate pain. So why not mix up your beauty routine and do your body a favor. Next time you are out of a product look for a natural version. Your body will thank you.