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Our chosen enterprise is Information Systems and Technology (IS&T), an information technology (IT) company, which is best known for assisting Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s (MIT) administration, research and education institutions through catering IT infrastructure based services. Services such as student administrative systems, network operations along with cloud services all the way through to customer support and security services.  IS, forms new applications and provides an interface for software development through the usage of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), this provides systems that facilitate an ease in teaching and research.”ServiceNow” is a cloud based information technology service management software which has partnered with IS to provide management and delivery services by consolidating the legacy systems and automating certain tasks. IS has just started to utilize ServiceNow inside to deal with changes to its production frameworks. As a service vendor “ServiceNow” is a truly helpful in the contemporary society. IS reviewed the system top to bottom before picking ServiceNow. In January 2016, IS had moved small sets of high-volume queues to ServiceNow, this was how they began the pilot phase of their overhaul. IS customers who had outstanding Service Desk tickets will be informed that their tickets are being handed off to ServiceNow’s “incident management” system  via an email. As these cases will be assigned new incident numbers, the users will still be able to see the status of their requests and add updates (Fizz, 2016). IS&T will introduce a phased, structured approach in implementing the ServiceNow Solutions before commencing a complete overhaul of the legacy systems. The following year, IS&T has set up a phased timeline to roll out additional ServiceNow solutions, both internally and for customer services. IS&T will reach out in advance to those who will be affected by the changes. A major target that they wished to achieve when they adopted ServiceNow was to have the IS&T Service Desk involved prioritizing the tickets and assigning help based on priority, to act as a front door for incoming issues and as a nerve centre that would coordinate problems and dispatching help across the system.  ReferencesFizz, R. (2016, January 08). ServiceNow: An improved service platform for IS&T and its customers. Retrieved January 11, 2018, from http://news.mit.edu/2016/servicenow-improved-service-platform-0108ServiceNow: an improved service platform for IS&T and its customers | AdminConnect. (2016). Adminconnect.mit.edu. Retrieved 13 January 2018, from https://adminconnect.mit.edu/news/servicenow-improved-service-platform-ist-and-its-customers Comments